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  • pinkpizza

    When I first seen this website I actually thought it was a JW website hence the home page and not an ex Jw website and I posted a topic thinking people were real witnesses then I quickly discovered it was not and all these people were commenting and embarrassing me and I couldn’t even delete the thread. Then I asked the admin to delete it and I said it was very misleading saying it’s a JW page and he’s like are you serious I deleted your topic and now you are attacking me and it clearly says ex JW page. He was very rude and btw no where does it say EX JW and you should be able to delete your own threads you start. Flawed website and the owner can’t handle constructive criticism.

  • Simon

    None of those things happened. I haven't corresponded with you once. You're an idiot. Fuck off.

  • skin

    As of now, pinkpizza has done a lot, since signing up to this site only 42 minutes ago.

  • scruffmcbuff

    Sounds like someones added a thread about fading and then got cold feed about being on an apostate website.

  • Onager

    Maybe he thought you were rude because you haven't corresponded with him. :D

    Just another gay pizza loving JW with abandonment issues...

  • cofty
    all these people were commenting and embarrassing me

    Your previous thread has zero replies.You posted it while most of the world is asleep.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    btw no where does it say EX JW - here's part of the highlighted section on the home page ...

    Are you people 'The Watchtower'?

    No - we're an independent community site offering support for both current and former Jehovah's Witnesses and anyone else who has been affected by the beliefs, doctrines and practices of the Jehovah's Witness religion as governed by the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society (WTB&TS).

    We are not affiliated with the WTB&TS in any way


  • stillin

    Alright, pinkie. Let's say that you actually did join this forum, but with another name. That could explain why Simon, the owner of the site, doesn't recall having any exchange with you. But why do you care whether the thread that you started was deleted? Simon lets a lot of stuff stay that he personally doesn't agree with. And there have been many actual Witnesses that have posted some pretty good material here. Sure, sometimes they get belittled. It's an EX-Witness forum. But the thing is that they get to say what they want if they stay within the boundaries.

    Simon has removed a couple of my own posts, too. Does it piss me off a little? Sure, especially when I realize that it was just his knee-jerk reaction to my honest opinion on a subject. Too bad for me but you have to expect that in every group. I think that you will find that Jehovah's Witnesses can be extremely rude.

    seriously, stick around. Even as an observer. You'll come to like it.

  • Gorbatchov

    Get a life.


  • WingCommander

    Sounds like someone has a case of the Stupidzzzzzzz!

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