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by pinkpizza 34 Replies latest jw friends

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    None of those things happened. I haven't corresponded with you once. You're an idiot. Fuck off.

    no need to be polite mate--just tell it the way it is.

  • unsure

    Let's not be too unkind and push people back into the arms of the dangerous Jehovah's Witness cult. Remember that the Jehovah's Witnesses falsely paint unbelievers as unsavory people; let's prove the Jehovah's Witnesses wrong.

    @pinkpizza - please visit jwfacts.com for more information on the Jehovah's Witnesses.

  • jp1692

    Here, from the top of the home/landing page for anyone that can read:

  • stillin

    Jp, yeah, if you don't read the small print, it's an honest mistake.

  • steve2

    “Pinkie, Sweetie, this is your mother speaking: I don’t care how mean people have been to you, I told you very clearly you were not to go out and pick fights with people. That is my job when I do return visits.

    “Now get home right now. Have a good shower and change into your best crimplene suit. We’re already mate for the meeting!!”

  • JeffT

    Last I heard, starting, running, or visting a JW related website that is not JW.borg is strictly against the rules. It is amusing to watch someone disobey the people they say are God's channel of communication, and then complain about what they found.

  • Simon
    Let's not be too unkind and push people back into the arms of the dangerous Jehovah's Witness cult
    if you don't read the small print, it's an honest mistake.

    Just to be clear, the reason I showed zero patience is that this isn't someone who has made an honest mistake or any mistake at all. Their post was full of false claims that they have had correspondence with me which they have not and that I was rude in the correspondence that never happened.

    As it's obviously an attack meant to cast me in a negative light I saw no reason to be the least bit civil in response to something like this.

    I do agree with being civil if people are genuinely mistaken or open to having a proper discussion even if they are adamant that they and the WTS are right.

    But I won't waste time with people determined to waste mine. They don't deserve any patience or consideration.

  • blisterfeet
  • unsure

    I figure they may have been confused as to who they were messaging and the nature of this site.

    In my opinion, from the outside looking in, threads of this nature will make people hesitant to join the forums or stick around; it adds creedence to the Watchtower's false description of non-believers and apostates. Being firm yet kind to people on their way out of the Jehovah's Witness cult will go a long way in getting more people to join our cause and be free of the destructive Watchtower cult of Jehovah's Witnesses.

  • john.prestor

    I'm with Simon on this one, sometimes we just need to call something what it is. I don't know why they tried to make him look bad, but yeah, that's what they did. If they didn't know who they talked to they would apologize once they saw Simon's post whether in the thread or by emailing him, and I know they haven't done the first, and I'm pretty confident they have't done the second. Dunno who this troll is, but that's what they are: a troll

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