Jehovah sure loves foreskins!

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    I don't know who the "him" is and what "moral hook" this person shouldn't be released from, but one has to stop reading Jewish Scripture like a Christian and think that every time the Tanakh says something that it is at the same time saying the action was moral. The actions are not justified even though they come from inspired Scripture, at least in the way Jews read their Scriptures.

    These are very ancient stories, attributing customs to a paradigm where mythology was the device to attribute all things to Providence. This makes it a static snapshot of an ancient era long gone, and therefore not a means of justifying customs. Jews now use science and critical analysis to explain our history, not the texts of the religion of my people.

    However, Judaism does not see a difference between direct revelation as written in Scripture and the more historical explanation. Since the God concept of Judaism may be just as much of an ancient literal device as the mythology, the end is still the same. This is our particular custom and it is as much value as those customs cherished and practiced by non-Jews (some of which are equally as odd to us), regardless of the origin. Scripture is about who Jews are, the good and the bad of my people.

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    It's a good ramble. I think we've all had a dip in the same gene pool to be honest.

    As for circumcision, at least my parents were Jewish enough to have it done for me on the 8th day so I don't remember a thing. They may not have instilled much Judaism in me, but they did that at least.

    I also can't speak in favor of circumcision or the lack thereof as I am not a connoisseur of the male organ. My best Jewish friend is gay, so I will ask his opinion.

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    Obligatory at this juncture:

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    Yeah, I kinda knew the American/Puritan circumcision reason (just realizing that as a Jewish man I know way to much about dicks in general). A footnote, Graham crackers were created for a similar reason as Kellogg's anti-JO flakes.

    And my friend Avi has just now told me his preference and why and sent pictures to explain (and I can't really tell you without the pictures, so I won't). I now know more about gay male sex too.

    Thank you, ex-JW forum for bringing this up. Those images from Avi are gonna stay with me for a very long time.

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    See what you did, rebel8?!!! Lol

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    What did they do with all those foreskins anyway?

    I remember once getting hit by my father when I asked if that happened at the same time they were eating only Manna.


    There's nothing funnier than religiots trying to rationalize the insanity that is genital mutilation.

    As much as I agree (even love calling them religiots), there are instances where it is necessary (I'm talking about in today's society) for medical reasons. There's a condition called phimosis that may require it, and also when there's an infection of the penis.

    Other than that, I agree, it's a rationalization for an ancient unnecessary practice.

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    Oh Schnell! That clip was fantastic!

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    What did they do with all those foreskins anyway? Make patchwork leather coats?

    Typically they sewed them together to make wallets or small clutch purses. However, if you rubbed/stroked the wallet repeatedly it would become a full size suitcase. [Drum Symbol]

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  • rebel8

    ewwww, Vidiot!

    See what you did, rebel8?!!! Lol

    Well, I've started controversies many times. LOL

    But truly, this time, I am just telling you a story of what a non-jw is doing to try to deprogram a jw. This was not instigated by me in any way. The topic of foreskins was chosen by him.

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