THIS Is How Muslim Mother “Fixes” Rape Of 2-Year-Old Granddaughter By Grandfather

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  • Diogenesister
    t's reprehensible, but is being dealt with as crimes by the authorities, and should be prosecuted harshly. Hopefully, it will die out as the younger generations begin to assimilate into the general population.

    Sadly most of the child grooming rings in the north of England are 2nd and 3rd generation Muslims. Huge Muslim communities have been around here since the late 1950's and early to mid 1960's.

    I'm not specifying where the honour killings stem from, merely stating it has been a problem for some years.

  • kpop

    Kpop. Considering that all your information comes from the right, I wouldn't say anything about thinking on your own.

    Spoletta, the Toronto Sun is right? I did not know that . But maybe that should be frightening to you that the left is attempting to censor the truth, no? Do a Google search for attacks in Sweden and what comes up will be all leftist media outlets attacking what Trump said at the rally instead of the real attacks such as this one:

    Go ahead. Is this a one off event?

  • kpop

    The "left" is now doing what the "right" did to Obama even when he did good things, always disagreeing with him. Stop making everything a left vs right issue! The threat from Islam is a real issue that impacts everyone here. Of course, the left has now taken Islam as their newest orphan child eventhough Islam runs contrary to their feminist ideologies and general human rights of everyone so Islam can do no wrong. When an anti-Semitic Muslim runs for chair of DNC, oh, that's ok, because we need diversity and he doesn't really mean it. So Spoletta and Landy and others here can't agree that Islam could be a problem simply because Trump is the only one saying it is a problem thus it means that Islam is not a problem, ever, even when it is. Terror attack? Oh don't worry about that. That's a normal everyday thing we have to just adjust to and if you disagree then you are an Islamophobe. This is exactly why I do not take labels of political party. I only agree with issue X or Y or Z and go from there.

  • Simon

    Terrorists just need more kindness and hugs ...

    The real trick of islam is to be so horrendous and commit so much actual terrorism that people then take the "normal" members to be peaceful and law abiding ... but it's only by comparison to terrorists.

    Many of those people are still terrorists - they butcher young girls and abuse them, commit crime with impunity in countries where the native population and law enforcement are often paralyzed by the years of conditioning about political correctness.

    The "normal" Muslims are the real threat, more than the Jihadists. The Jihadists will not and cannot conquer western powers but the slow creep of social decay will and is what we need to guard against.

    But they slip in while the world focuses on the people with bombs (which we still need to watch because if those nuts could get a nuke, they would certainly not hesitate to use it).

  • blondie

    I know plenty of child sexual abuse cases where Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist, atheist, etc., mothers and fathers (grandparents, etc) did not protect their children from the rapist. From my days in law enforcement....pedophilia is an equal opportunity crime.

  • Ruby456

    yes it is blonde

    indeed the case highlighted in the op has lots of errors. example, sharia law actually forbids honour killing. secondly the mother who drowned her baby girl after the toddler had been raped may have been raped by the same man herself seeing that the rapist is her own father. On this understanding she drowned her baby daughter not because she wanted to protect her father but because she wanted to protect her daughter. If the mother had been subjected to sexual abuse herself she may have been suffering from major issues linked to incest and in a moment of deep emotion drowned her daughter to keep her out of his reach.

    I'm speculating of course but hopefully the full story will come out some day.

  • WhatshallIcallmyself

    Ruby456 -

    What do you mean by "too far gone"? That makes no sense to me.

    Why are you talking about Trump as if that is the topic of this thread? That makes no sense.

    What has Greek Mythology got to do with Islam? The former is obviously myth, the latter has many millions of followers that actually believe all that nonsense and will go as far as to commit atrocities because they believe they are copying the example set by the perfect human, Mohammed. Was there a point to you bringing that up? If it was a simple exercise in equivocation then I do not see why you would need to do that. If someone murders someone do you spend hours considering all other murderers to see if they are really so bad after all or do you deal with that murderer based on that persons actions.

    What colours was Spoletta using again? Seemed to me that this poster was stating that those who question Islam are Islamophobic and then crying about being attacked for being called on such a daft statement. Now that is a black/white way of looking at things.

    If you really do disagree with something why don't you try actually giving a constructive rebuttal that we can all understand, digest and consider.

  • WhatshallIcallmyself

    Mohammed married a 6 year old girl.. He consummated the marriage when she was 9. Mohammed is seen as the perfect example of how a man (A Muslim man) should behave.

    There are no branches of Islam that teach the above is wrong.

    Deal with the above facts, stop equivocating...

  • LoveUniHateExams

    I liken the current situation re Islam, Jihadis, devout Muslims and liberal Muslims to racism in English football (soccer) grounds in the 70s and 80s.

    In the 70s, black and mixed race players were coming through and becoming part of football. Some of the most bigoted, opinionated managers (e.g. Brian Clough and Ron Atkinson) were instrumental in bringing black players through.

    Sadly, there was lots of racism on the terraces. Coin throwing, banana throwing, racist abuse and monkey chants were the order of the day. I don't think it came from a majority of fans but from a sizeable chunk - hard-core, vocal, sometimes violent minorities.

    Of course, football fans tend to use industrial language. Football chants start from "the referee's a wanker!" and go downhill from there.

    But black players obviously shouldn't have to put up with that kind of abuse, so the FA (Football Association) chose to crack down hard on racism and has spent the last 30 years working hard to eradicate racism and punish any transgressors. The FA couldn't have tried to brush the issue under the carpet by pointing out that most fans didn't misbehave, or by saying "not every football fan is a racist" - that clearly wouldn't have been good enough. Silence and a continued refusal to address the issue would have made the FA complicit - enablers of racism in football, if you will. The FA had to clean house.

    The result is a marked decrease in racism among English crowds. Those who do misbehave can face lifetime bans and police action, and rightly so.

    The vast majority of English football fans are happy or at least ok with this development.

    I feel that Muslims today can learn from how the English FA has cleaned house.

  • Ruby456


    Why are you talking about Trump as if that is the topic of this thread? That makes no sense.

    steve Bannon is repopularising this old story for newpapers in the US and thats why I made the connection to Trump.

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