THIS Is How Muslim Mother “Fixes” Rape Of 2-Year-Old Granddaughter By Grandfather

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  • Simon
    I researched the articles, and found most to be written by organizations with a definite right wing slant

    The reason for this is that the left, for some unknown reason, simply will not report anything bad about Islam or Muslims unless it's completely well know and even then they will try their best to bury it.

    If that is the best "defence" you can come up with, trying to attack the messenger, then it's a lame one.

    This is why people don't trust the liberal media and more right-leaning news sources are becoming increasingly sourced and read.

  • kpop

    So true. For some reason the left has decided to hide the truth. What happened to being true journalists? Even Google and Facebook are now guilty of this. (Please see 4chan for more info about this. They are going to do data dump soon) But more interesting is how the media attacked Trump for speaking about how bad things are in Sweden. Swedish media made jokes about it, even said what problem? There is no problem here. So one leftist journalist decided to investigate if what Trump said was true or not and went to Sweden. When he got there, he was told to leave immediately by police after he was confronted and followed by masked men.

    Here are his tweets. Very scary.

    Edit: He wanted to prove Trump wrong and show it is more safe in Sweden than in USA. Amazing irony. I think he learned his lesson.

  • Spoletta

    Simon. You are certainly entitled to your opinion.

    kpop. Tim pool's trip to Sweden was financed by Infowars, well known alt-right organization. After his visit he said " If this is the worst that Malmo has to offer, then don't ever come to Chicago."

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