Advice to reduce hours earn less and spend more time on the ministry

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  • ExBethelitenowPIMA

    It seems to me that struggling JWs now have this entitlement mentality that someone else should pay for their convention expenses and they are entitled to be picked up and taken home for meetings and ministry.

    They think they sacrificed so much for JWdom and this is the reason they can’t afford the basics and are struggling to pay rent and bills. Nothing to do with them following advice to not get educated and just get shitty part time cleaning jobs so they can spend countless hours free labour knocking doors for the governing body.

    some of these older ones simply say “how will I be getting there? Who will be taking me home, I want to call in to this or that place first”

    they genuinely think they are entitled and they just expect others to pay for them and do things for them.

    don’t get me wrong it’s wonderful to help older ones if they are appreciative and if they have nobody else. But often these older ones expecting others to pay for them have grown up children who are moaning that the congregation is not looking after their parents well enough

  • LongHairGal


    When I was in the JW religion years ago, I saw the mistaken attitude of entitlement that some nervy Witnesses had that somebody else should be paying for their expenses for whatever!

    This is not the reason I left the religion (1995 was). But I will say for the umpteenth time that I am glad to not be there now.

    I’m the one who got knocked for working and there would be a verbal confrontation if somebody had the balls to come up to me asking for money.. This has turned into a panhandling religion and I have no respect..

    Another erroneous belief: ..some adult JWs are expecting other Witnesses to look after their elderly parents there.

    Unless they were abandoned as a baby and have no contact, this is totally wrong!!!! (And I am Not referring to knocking on somebody’s door once in a while to say hello.) I am referring to Witnesses actually believing that other people in the congregation are responsible for somebody else’s blood relatives. They are not.

    If you cannot stand your parents because you were mistreated, etc. then call different agencies, organizations, etc. But, people are mistaken in their belief that it’s some congregation’s responsibility. There are too many fallacies in this religion.👎

  • ExBethelitenowPIMA

    “some adult JWs are expecting other Witnesses to look after their elderly parents there.“

    that is absolutely what is happening. These older ones want to go to the convention all three days but need full time care.

    The adult children should either pay for professional careers or do it themselves not take advantage of kind souls in the congregation.

    one old sister who wants to come on the ministry and get to all the meeting’s because she is bored and lonely at home is proving to be a huge burden on the congregation.

    her daughter and son in law who for some reason don’t lift a finger helping her say someone has to start getting her ready an hour before then she needs constant care and giving her lifts everywhere.

    they have the cheek to ask the elders how is mum getting there and who is assisting her? The elders should say back to them “what have you got planned?” What have the family arranged.

    it’s a let peave of mine.

    there are lovely but gullible ones in the congregation who are struggling themselves and I feel they are being taken advantage of

  • Foolednomore

    Like the "Pioneer Sister " who comes into my mom's bakery and demands day old bread for free since she is a Pioneer she is entitled to hand outs. Or the elder that works for me expects to get paid a full wager but leaves early. Not sure how to handle all this. But the sister gets no bread and the elder gets paid by his work.

  • blondie

    I can't find the article, but some years back the WTS had a study article encouraging congregations to take care of ailing parent's of Gilead graduates on assignment so these graduates could stay in their assignment and not go back to care for them. I'll keep looking but if you know where it is, could you share it?

  • LongHairGal


    It wouldn’t surprise me if they were nervy enough to print something like this.

    This probably contributes to the mentality among some Witnesses that other people are going to look after somebody’s elderly parents. They heard it somewhere. Now, every Tom, Dick & Harry thinks this.

    When I was in, I wasn’t the type to do favors because of all the criticism I got. But, I would have laughed in somebody’s face if they suggested this to me! 👎

  • LongHairGal


    Wow, so that pioneer sister is still at it asking for free bread? Where does she get her sense of entitlement from? The religion??

    She obviously got the idea from somewhere that she has a ‘right’ to ask responsible people making a living (who they criticize) for free goods and services... Hmmm, that sounds similar to Witnesses who didn’t want to work having the nervy idea to come up to me (who did work) asking for money.. It’s no wonder I wouldn’t want to set foot in that place again.

    As for the elder who works for you but tries to leave early: I don’t know… They may think they are more desirable than non-JWs because of whatever - but from the negative things I’ve read that might be overrated.

  • Foolednomore

    Longhairgal- From time to time in the past, my mom would give day old bread to those in need who where short of money. But this sister is so demanding. Alot of nerve. Wanted mom to make her a wedding cake for her daughter and just made a list of demands on that alone that mom turned it down. As for brother elder, he takes his work and reassign it to two MS brothers I have working for me in marketing. I'm at this point waiting for brother elder to mess up something so I can demote or fire and promote the two MS'S. The work better than the elder.

  • LongHairGal


    I’ve never owned a business or a store and I don’t envy you. From what I’ve observed over my life, I would never extend freebies and courtesies like this for strangers (and that’s how I viewed the people in the religion).

    I would bring the day-old bread home to my family and it would be on the QT.. Once it becomes public you have all sorts of problems! People will start expecting it. You might even have legal issues… It is bad enough dealing with the public, but JWs are a special kind of nuisance that I wouldn’t tolerate. Them and their bad work ethic wouldn’t deserve any charity from hard-working responsible people, in my opinion.

  • ExBethelitenowPIMA

    Yes I remember the direction to look after elderly parents of those in full time service so they don’t slow down in their assignments. Yes this was twisted and applied to every elderly parent in any congregation.

    This probably contributes to the mentality among some Witnesses that other people are going to look after somebody’s elderly parents. They heard it somewhere. Now, every Tom, Dick & Harry thinks this.”

    The problem stems from all the decades of direction to reduce secular work and don’t plan for retirement.

    now all those getting old who followed the gov body direction for decades are a burden on someone. They did not plan for retirement.

    if only they planned for retirement, but no they were told not to it would be a lack of faith. They were directed to reduce secular work and still give funds to those fat Rolex wearing men living in luxury.

    when I think back to all the assembly party’s and experiences of those who could have had good careers but sacrificed it all to get a shitty low paid job to pioneer full time.

    now these ones are getting old and their peers who worked in good careers can afford good health care and professional careers.

    Those who follow governing body direction just can not afford professional careers and are now a burden on someone. The state, the congregation? Who should pay for their old age care?

    most countries can not afford for so many older ones relying on the state to fund their old age care.

    especially if they didn’t make any plans for retirement while they were young.

    the governing body needs to address this problem that they have made.

    yet they are still promoting work less in shitty jobs so you can pioneer and don’t think about better qualified positions just be a cleaner and Jehovah will look after you 😡

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