How do we know the WTS monitors this site? Can anyone tell me for sure?

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  • Saintbertholdt
    Its always Aliens.
  • Saintbertholdt
  • EndofMysteries

    Not sure. They have monitored my website in the past. See below PDF document for proof:

    Having looked at that, and the email address, shows that lawyer/or lawyer wannabe is from Bethel. I wonder since he must have READ and seen those things, if in time any of them wake up to TTATT. Or he must get paid or many fringe benefits to stay in knowing TTATT.

  • Fisherman
    This site is pretty big, and it has a lot a lot of stuff about the wt. What makes you think WT would not be interested or at the very least concerned? Prior to this site, JW were pretty much in the dark regarding the elders, policy and perspective, and forensic analysis of WT teachings through the years, blood and child abuse policy. -Not that it changes anything regarding what JW already know, or their faith, but it does change what some JW believed they knew- and besides that, some JW resented being subjugated to the power the elders had over them having secret knowledge about policy and it made some JW feel bad because of it. The site brought the elders to the same level as everybody else in the congregation, Elders have no more secret knowledge over anybody else, except private stuff about individuals, and no one wants to know that, or cares to know that. Average Joe W was lucky if elders gave them a tidbit of information, always begging like a puppy dog for a hint. And if you were DF, zilcho , if not minus one. Also, any DF JW trying to make a comeback would not even get the KM while the rest of the world had it Secret knowledge does not control JW anymore. Not that it changes JW faith at all, but the information could help a JW to make a more informed conscience decision that perhaps a JW would have trouble with because an elder could not help because of political reasons. -Not that JW does not want to submit to authority or want to challenge anything at all, but JW have a more perspective view with more information.
  • jwleaks
    FadingTruth - JWleaks, what was the end result from that warning letter? Was the site shut down, were you sued?

    I told them to "leak off". Nothing happened.

  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot

    To all of those who give credit to apostate ideas on anti-JW sites for changing Watchtower doctrines please keep in mind that our ideas are not as original as our egos (including mine) might think. There are probably thousands of ex and still-in JWs who, without any collusion, come out with the same ideas.

    I myself came up with the idea that the Watchtower magazine should be trimmed down to a monthly issue - 35 years ago.

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