Well We Lost

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  • LB

    Just got back from our week long trip at the state basketball championships. My boys lost and were eliminated. Team that beat us ended up winnning state. We were ahead for 3 quarters and it looked like we would win but that 4th quarter killed us. Lots of turnovers and we couldn't buy a bucket.

    Oh well and as all the others always say, always next year. I'm not a happy loser, ever. I feel sorry for my seniors as this was it for them. But the younger players will get another shot.

  • Joyzabel

    But LB, you should be happy that you were with them and they made it so far. They have a great coach and I'm sure they learned how to loose gracefully. (while in front of the opposing teams)

    Hugs for the good year you had.


  • LB

    Thanks. We were respectful to the other team, shook their hands and wished them well. We also showed up for that teams remaining games and rooted for them. But, we haven't had much practice losing and it sucked, a lot.

    Kids are kids, they recover and they had fun up there. Only the coach was grumbling about what he should have done better to prepare the boys. We will win that thing. I just hate to wait.

  • Maverick

    I as sure it was disappointing to lose. But you went for it and nobody can take that away from your boys. The only real losers are them that don't try. Some of the most successful people are the ones who put it out there and risk it all. You seem to me to be a stand up guy and your boys will see that. Yours, Maverick

  • Solace


    Im so sorry.

    Want me to kiss it and make it all better?

    Anyway, next year you will totally kick their asses and you know it!!!!

    Congratulations on taking them as far as they could go this year. Thats quite an acomplishment.

  • Princess

    Sorry to hear you lost Al. Joy is right though. Just making it to State is an amazing accomplishment and they (you) should be very proud of themselves for getting as far as they did. Just a fantastic year that they will never forget even though they didn't win.

    We are looking forward to seeing you guys next week!


  • Mulan
    We are looking forward to seeing you guys next week!

    Me too.........and Dave.

    Sorry about the loss. But you had a great year.

    Our local high school was in the State tournament this weekend, both boys and girls. They both lost.............Booooooooooo.

  • xenawarrior

    ((((((((((((((((LB )))))))))))))))))))))))))))

    You went a long way with this and for that you can be proud of yourself and those boys !!!!

    I'm sorry that you didn't get it all but I know you had a good time throughout !!!!

    There's always next year !!!!!


  • undercover

    Condolences on your season ending without a chamionship but congratulations on an otherwise successful season. The boys might not have a championship to enjoy but the experience of being in the playoffs and playing even(for three quarters anyway) with the eventual champions will be a memory they will cherish the rest of their lives, along with the memory of the coach who got them there.

  • Double Edge
    Double Edge

    DANG! Well, at least you lost to a worthy oppenant (State Champs). Your team did more than most teams ever do, and have had experiences many only dream of. Even in losing 'the big one', there are valuable life lessons and I'm sure your team members were happy to have a coach like you to take them as far as you did.

    Hugh slap on the back to you L.B. Thanks for taking us on your team's journey.

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