Well We Lost

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  • Valis

    LB, think of all the teams you did beat man! You knew the potential was there and exploited that all the way to the finals! *LOL* I know what you mean about losing...I can be very competitive and DO NOT like to lose. Best of luck with the younger players next year hoss.


    District Overbeer

  • LB

    Thanks for the compliments. I just came back from school and the boys reflect my feelings. Lots of hangdog faces in there. Everyone is town is telling them how proud they are and how they've done better than any other local team in years. Down the road that might be something to appreciate, but not now. I'm allowed to coach two players at a time during the off season. So I have 7 returning players that today signed up for those semi private practices. I thought I was getting time off, guess not. In fact all 7 have decided to skip baseball this year to get ready for next season, which is 7 1/2 months away.

    We'll getem next time.

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