"Don't challenge Satan!"

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  • Funchback

    Was this one of those JW urban legends at every hall?

    When I was 7 years old and began attending meetings, one of the first things I heard people say was "Don't challenge Satan!",

    Being 7 and all, I couldn't help myself. I thought, 'What would happen if I challenged Satan? What does that even mean? What if I challenge Satan in my head...Will he be able to read my mind?'

    Then, one day at school, I was running down the stairs to the gymnasium. No one was around. I shouted, "I challenge you, Satan!". Then.........Wait for it.......Nothing.....Nothing happened. I didn't become possessed. The ceiling didn't collapse on my head. I didn't fall down the stairs.

    I was like, 'What was the big deal about that?'

    For those keeping score at home, it's Brian 1, and the devil formerly known as Satan 0.

  • Skedaddle

    Haha Funchback:) but I think you'll find that race was a three legged race and therefore it was Brian 1, Satan 0, Jehovah 0!

  • jookbeard
    the amount of times I've blasphemed against the evil perverted angry Hebrew god of the OT and asked for bolts of lightening to come down from heaven to zap me into oblivion!
  • pixel
    Lol @ Funchback. But what was the challenge about? Who would run down the stairs first? Excellent post and name BTW.
  • Funchback
    Lol @ Funchback. But what was the challenge about? Who would run down the stairs first? Excellent post and name BTW.

    I didn't know what the challenge was. But, that's what they kept telling that then-seven-year old boy.

    Maybe Satan can be like Frank Costanza ('Seinfeld') and have a Feats of Strength challenge.

  • antes8080
    I'm surprised you are still alive I remember hearing an experience from a talk that a teenager was running inside a gym and he challenged satan and he died.
  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim
    I was told one time years and years ago that ''challenging Satan'' would be staying at home and watching TV instead of going to meetings.
  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    Satan shows up at the KH he opens the door and yell I'm Satan. All the folks run to the exits

    except one young man. Satan walks up to young fellow and ask do you know who I am?

    The young man said, yes. Satan ask, and you not afraid? The young man tells him, no.

    Satan then tells him what kind of terrible things he could do to him and then ask that don't frighten

    you? The young man said , no.

    Satan a little perplexed ask, why not? The young man said, I was raised in this religion and you can not be

    any worst.

    The original joke, an old man. When Satan ask him why, the old man said I have been married to your sister

    for 48 years.

  • redvip2000

    Guess what!

    If you challenge god, you will get the same response...nothing. It seems God doesn't care to help those in need just as much as punishing those who challenge him.

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim
    Might I add that watching 'R' rated movies when I was under the age of 17 was 'challenging satan' in a way too. Mind control from a very, very young age.

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