Your best caption please.

by nicolaou 57 Replies latest jw friends

  • ApostasyDuJour

    "Daddy, why are you wearing that disguise?"

  • qwerty

    "Mummy why am I strapped to this Golf cart?"

  • Englishman

    This afternoons Watchtower study has been cancelled!

  • JWD

    Lady, before I had my sex change operation, I looked just like you!

  • patio34


    Thanks for the laugh-out-loud you provided!


  • goo

    "alright, alright, if you join in and sing along while the CO & his wife are watching us, mommy promises you wont have to eat any assembly food today"

  • riz

    <mother is reading the convention lunch menu>

    "Dear, would you like the Poached Salmon with lemon-dill sauce and fresh vegetables, or would you like the Hoagie?"

    Insanity in individuals is something rare- but in groups, parties, nations, and epochs it is the rule. - Nietzsche

  • goo

    ok focus's caption for this one can't be topped but anyway:

    "ah….i'm sorry darling, but mommy doesn't know why the note over the last vowel in the word prophecy was written to be sung by a bunch of tone deaf zombies at a pitch two and half octaves above the worlds best soprano's vocal range, but you can be sure there's a good reason why jehovah will kill us at armageddon if we dont sing it, now join in dear - ours is the god of true proph......"

  • goo

    ps. riz can i have a real assembly food menu please? i think it's time i ordered. thanks goo.

  • goo

    (to the tune of jehovah is our refuge - at least i hope that's the name of it - you know the one i mean)
    "jehovah may we never
    have to eat assembly food
    for once it hits the system
    it's certain to be spewed
    for we will surely quake with dread
    as the grease and cholestrol
    knock us dead
    jehovah may we never
    have to ee-ee-eat assembly fooooooooooood"

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