March 22, 2017 TO ALL CONVENTION COMMITTEES Re: Discontinuation of Physical Distribution of Convention Releases

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  • jookbeard

    Sir82, I thought circuit assemblies or whatever they call them are big money spinners because they use smaller facilities or they either own the assembly halls but the expense of using sports stadiums must be astronomical?

  • wannaexit

    In the past, there were 3 and 4 releases but these have slowly dwindled. And realistically how much trash can they recycle.

    I believe this year there was only a new version or a book for kids.


    Discontinuation of Physical Distribution of Convention Releases

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  • sir82

    the expense of using sports stadiums must be astronomical?

    They typically rent university sports arenas - at least in the US they do.In "off-season" (summer), I imagine demand is low and the price is not so high.

    I imagine they manage to cut a deal with the local convention / visitors bureau in the host city as well. "Give us a reduced price on arena rental, and we'll promise X-hundred hotel rooms booked, with corresponding restaurant revenues".

    I imagine it is much less than you might expect.

  • pale.emperor

    Here in the UK at least the always cut a deal with the convention owners that we WILL make use of the refreshment stands. We're always "encouraged" to buy something from the hotdog/tea/coffee stands (even though the prices are far too high).

    I remember Circuit Overseer Paul Robson in 4 years ago say on the platform "some people think we cut back on literature pages because of money. Hohoho!!, brothers, the society doesn't worry about money." - i'd like to hear that talk again. Receiving physical books at the convention was at least something to look forward to. I mean, they were the same re-cycled crap but it was something to expect. I read eBooks but i still prefer the real thing in my hands. Im sure we all do. And what of the old dears that dont like or don't want to use eReaders? Order one through your literature desk? We all know how long that takes to arrive.

    Hmmm.... it's almost as if "there's more money going out, than there is coming in..."

    Nice to hear. Long may they be sued and hemorrhage money.

  • DesirousOfChange

    They could save even more if they just quit writing all of that crap!~ jp1692

    They have already done so when they sent the entire Writing Committee staff home "to the field". Today all they need is someone who can "Cut & Paste".

  • Simon

    So none of the people running to queue up so they can be the first to show off their new crappy book?

    "Look people, I have one, minutes before you'll get yours, which makes me more spiritual !! ... I only had to push one old lady and 2 small children out of the way to do it"

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    It's another chink in the crumbling Watchtower edifice!

  • HiddlesWife

    That's why there was the downsizing at Brooklyn, Wallkill, etc.; and there is a minimal amount of JWs at Warwick, since just about everything is electronic now.

  • joe134cd

    In a couple of years, wt will haunt printing all together. The 2 main benefits would be (the 1st reason been the most obvious).

    (1)Cost savings.

    (2)The information can be more quickly changed, if a mistake is made or a revision on their ideas (new light) is necessary.

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