March 22, 2017 TO ALL CONVENTION COMMITTEES Re: Discontinuation of Physical Distribution of Convention Releases

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  • wifibandit
  • Darkknight757

    Bunch of cheap asses.

  • My Name is of No Consequence
    My Name is of No Consequence

    You still have to donate though.

  • Sanchy

    More cutbacks. How encouraging.

  • jookbeard

    to think of the industrial set up of the new releases back in the day from normal book sizes to bound volumes and The Proclaimers book, we are talking about many hundreds of tonnage of freight,boxes and the volunteers who would work the book rooms and distribution points around the stadiums, now nothing ! surely the days of the Regional Conventions must be numbered

  • jp1692

    They could save even more if they just quit writing all of that crap!

  • cognisonance

    Lol, I guess without these "door prizes" to keep people around until the last day of these cult seminars, attendance will drop as people can stay at home and just download the electronic version when available.

  • sir82

    surely the days of the Regional Conventions must be numbered

    Of course not!

    Regional conventions are the number 1, bar none, biggest money-makers the org. has.

    Hardcopies of "literature" or no, they rake in (depending on venue & attendance) 10's or 100's of thousands of dollars at each one. Now that there is no expense for "literature", the only significant expense is venue rental. If an RC is held at an assembly hall (more and more common), the profit margin must be well north of 90%.

  • steve2

    So for older JWs, the days of looking forward to holding new releases in their own hands during conventions and savouring the "thrill" of the latest food at the proper time are over.

    You can't tell me that long time JWs won't feel some sort of discomfort around this.

    Sure, they can still order copies through their local congregations later. But that's a poor substitute for getting the latest copy in their hands.

    This is a further big change for old timers.

  • Muddy Waters
    Muddy Waters

    The letter said they would stop the physical distribution of books at Conventions. But also said people could still order a physical copy of a release through their congregation, which I imagine will also be heavily discouraged, due to cost or such.

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