Reason why you didn't have the Heavenly hope, Anointed..

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  • blondie

    So if the angels are immortal, and Satan and the demons were once faithful angels, how can they be killed....WTS reasoning.

    Insight Book Volume 1--Immortality

    This grant of immortality to the Kingdom heirs is all the more remarkable, in view of the fact that even God’s angels are shown to be mortal, despite their possessing spirit bodies, not carnal ones. Angelic mortality is evident in view of the judgment of death entered against the spirit son who became God’s Adversary, or Satan, and also against those other angels who followed that satanic course and “did not keep their original position but forsook their own proper dwelling place.” (Jude 6; Mt 25:41; Re 20:10, 14) So the grant of “indestructible life” (Heb 7:16) or “indissoluble life” to those Christians who gain the privilege of reigning with God’s Son in the heavenly Kingdom marvelously demonstrates God’s confidence in them.—See HEAVEN (The way to heavenly life); LIFE.

  • atomant

    gods confidence in them might prove to be a mistake one day.Theres always a rotten apple, 144000 is a lot of apples and infinity is a long time.

  • Nevuela

    James Mixon Yep, my roommate is single. In fact, she has openly told me on more than one occasion that she's a virgin. And yes, I believe her. I can totally tell she is by her attitude and lack of knowledge regarding sex. I mean, she once said to me "sex is overrated!"

    She also used to work for the housing authority, and had to do welfare checks on tenants of a low-income highrise apartment building from time to time. One time she opened the door to glimpse what appeared to be a male tenant lying naked on the floor. She was sure he was already dead based on his coloring, but she told me that she called a male co-worker up to check for her so she wouldn't have to lay eyes on his nudity.

    I don't believe she was using that as an excuse so she wouldn't have to go anywhere near a corpse, because there were other times when she would describe to me in detail what stage of decomposition a body was in when she went to check on them, and having to clean up after it was removed from the apartment. It was not death that squicked her. It was male nudity.

  • Dunedain

    Nevuela - I would be very careful at night, while sleeping alone, with your roommate in the next room. It would not surprise me, in the least, if you woke up one night and saw her standing at the end of your bed holding a butcher knife.

    She sounds very wacky, and seems a few sandwiches short of a picnic. Sounds like she has an odd phobia, and warped perception of sex. Has a weird obsession with dead bodies.

    However, the craziest thing, and what tells me she is REALLY off her rocker, is that she thinks she is anointed. That's some crazy shit right there. Sleep with one eye open, lol.

  • Vidiot

    @ Dunedain...

    You've concluded that she's mentally ill...

    ...yet you're surprised she thinks she's "anointed"?

    ( :wink: )

  • Londo111

    The reason why I didn’t believe as a JW that I was “anointed” was because I believed their theology regarding the anointed, the 144000, and the "heavenly hope".

    Basically, the anointed had no doubt they were anointed, just like most people are pretty sure whether they are male or female. I didn’t have that.

    The anointed were supposed to have some sort of mystical sense that could not be described, (although the word mystical would not be how Watchtower would term it). But I knew I didn’t have any mystical sense like that.

    Therefore, I could not honestly say I was.

    I've known some people who professed to be, and while a few were not all there and there annointedness was discounted in my mind, some seemed relatively normal as JWs can go. I remember the sense of awe and reverence I had for the latter, the "genuine anointed".

    Of course, now I know that they do not have anything I do not.

  • Carol1111

    I read Blondie's comment above, but don't know how to copy it down here.

    If angels can be faithful then go bad, and there is war in heaven, is heaven any better than here and now?

    Who would want to go there?

  • blondie

    Carol1111, the WTS teaches that there was a war in heaven in 1914 between Jesus and the good angels and Satan and the bad angels and Satan and the bad angels were cast out of heaven "to the vicinity of the earth" knowing they have a short period of time until the battle of Armageddon after which Satan and the bad angels are abyssed for 1,000 years to be released to tempt humankind one last time. So since 1914, per the WTS, heaven is great.

  • Carol1111

    Thanks, Blondie. That thinking sounds like it has been strongly influenced by Greek mythology.

    I also appreciate Atomant's comment

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