Some prayers really annoy me

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  • problemaddict 2
    problemaddict 2

    "We leave today in your care and keeping"

    Seriously.....every single time.

  • redvip2000
    The pain at the last prayer of the last day of the convention is effin unbearable.

    Yup, pretty much. It's almost like the person doing it needs to recap everything that happened to Jellohoba, almost as if he was not paying attention.

    Also if you really think about, the concept of prayer is the stupidest thing ever. Why should there be a need to ask Gawd to help anybody? Does he not know you need help? And if he does, why wouldn't he help you automatically?

    If i walk down the street and an elderly person falls, am i going to stand there and wait for this person to ask me to help?

  • steve2

    Of all the inventions of humankind, the lamest is perhaps prayer.

    At best it is consoling self-talk, at worst, rubber-stamping the most shocking excesses of human prejudice and artifice.

  • StephaneLaliberte

    My dad knows that I can't stand how the JW's elevate the GB as semi-gods. Yet, last time we ate at his house, he mechanically included the sentence : "Please bless the Faithful and discreet slave who regularly provide your people with adequate spiritual food" (or something similar to this).

    Internally, I was outraged. Still, understanding that this type of thing has been conditioned into him to such a point that barely realizes what he is saying, I ignored it. Why make an evening awkward when he clearly doesn't understand how much of a big deal that sentence actually is.

    Basically: "Forgive him father, for he does not know what he is doing".

    Still, they now praise the GB in most of their prayers and it really grids my gears. I even heard that type of sentence at the last JW Funeral I attended!

  • redvip2000
    Please bless the Faithful and discreet slave who regularly provide your people with adequate spiritual food"

    But let's pretend for a minute that Jeeebooba actually blessed those grump old farts. Why on earth would anybody think that they must ask gawd to do this? How arrogant to think you will now remind Gawd of what he needs to do. If he his Gawd, he only does what he wants anyway.

  • Anders Andersen
    Anders Andersen

    Pomo with pimi wife here.

    I get slightly amused whenever my wife says a bedtime prayer for our 2 year old child.

    1. Kudos to my wife for not suggesting to say a least not when I'm around. But the fact that our kid asks mom to say a prayer indicates she does initiate prayer for the afternoon nap when I'm not around. Or grandma does when she's babysitting.
    2. My wife doesn't cover her head she praying in my presence. Of course I don't care, but I wonder if that means I am officially considered as not-baptised? Or maybe she has special permission or something? :-D
    3. Sometimes she starts a (automatic pilot) sentence and realizes halfway through it's somewhat odd, but now she has to continue. Example: we had diner over at 'worldly' friends...(first time ever!). She started praying 'Thank you Jehovah for the lovely and encouraging..........association we had tonight'. I lolled inside.
    4. What annoys me is that apparently Jehovah fixed everything good for us. ' We had fun with exjw grandma today, thank you for that Jehovah. Some random dude gave us ice cream, thank you Jehovah. Thank you for the home we live in and all the good stuff we have. School was nice, thank you Jehovah'. What about actually thanking grandma, the random dude, dad who works hard to earn some money, the teachers who did their best?

    So whenever my wife is not there and my kid asks atheist me to pray, I do.

    Hi grandma, you made lovely dinner tonight, thanks you for that! Oh and we had ice creams, thank you random dude! Also thank you dad for providing. Thank you teacher for being nice. Thank you [child] for being lovely today and making fun with mom and dad. Thanks everybody for a nice day. Now let's sleep well!

    'Prayer' is for atheists too ;-)

  • label licker
    label licker

    We had an elder that would go on and on. At the very end of his prayer he would close with "and we pray all this through the faithful and discreet slave and your son, Jesus. Amen! Dion, your an ass!

  • FedUpJW

    We had a brother in my old congregation who would implement the word "father" in his prayer as often as he could

    Just the last meeting that I endured I counted the word "Father" 17 times in the last prayer. And then there is "Jehovah", or as they say here Chee-HO-vuh, repeated at the end of EVERY sentence.

    Or the idiotic "Please, Jehovah, we know that there are MANY who are not here with us due to many difficult circumstances, Father, and we ask that YOU help them know how much we miss them Father, and we ask that YOU give them the strength to return to meetings with us Father Jehovah."

    WTH about YOU, the moron braying (intentional misspelling), how about YOU do something to assist the ill, the poor, the distressed?

    Sorry bunch of HYPOCRITES!

  • Chook

    I only have a problem with prayers that start with " dear" and end in " amen".

  • FedUpJW

    "Please guide us and direct us as we make our way home from the meeting"

    Actually this is a very logical least for the level of intelligence most of the JDubs in my area display. They need all the help they can get making their way home from anywhere.

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