Some prayers really annoy me

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  • steve2

    Prayers in JW-land are little more than "us versus them" fests.

  • Chook

    Dear Father, please protect us from the machinations of the apostates , please forgive our sin after we confess to the elders , may we continue to have the spirit and strength to shun my pregnant teenage daughter , and finally father allow us to empty our wallets to support the realestate empire.

  • stuckinarut2

    The prayers that sounded like they were teaching Jehovah something. As if he didn't already know whatever they were saying. "Jehovah, we learned tonight about the point of....and then we were instructed on ..... and we then learned about...."


    The prayers that were simply a review (or preview) of the entire meeting! I would stand there thinking "Yer yer...I JUST heard all of that, you don't need to give us (and god) another summary of the exact same stuff!"

  • sparky1

    Please bless us with a double portion of your holy spirit.............

    Oooooppppppsssss......can't say that any more. Old light.

  • LongHairGal


    Years ago I walked out of a meeting during the overly-long prayer of a very inconsiderate older brother who thought who the hell he was.

    I also hate those cliches they use. As far as praying for the afflicted, they aren't interested in anybody who is afflicted unless it's one of their relatives or somebody from a popular family in the hall.

  • zeb
    • Those pray-ers who adopt that pious tone of voice then proceed to 'jehovah' us to bits trying as much they can to say Jehovah in every line.
    • what did Jesus (Yeshuah) say of the heathens who recite a mass of words hoping they will be heard by that.?
    • and end of convention prayers that the speaker assumes is his right to summarise the entire convention. They are talking to god do they think he hasn't already heard the program after all he (supposedly) inspired it.
    • praying for the sick etc while the wts makes no program for the feeding of the destitute, makes no programs of active real charity at all at least in my many years, but claims each congregation is a 'charity'.
  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    Many ended their prayers this way: "We ask these things through the merits of your son, our ransom, king and redeemer Jesus Christ." I could count on it being said verbatim by several. I stopped saying amen long before I left the cult.

  • Island Man
    Island Man

    The prayer where the brother systematically reviews the various parts on the meeting - because he wants to make sure that those vital meeting points sink into Jehovah's head. I mean, it's not like he'd be abusing the privilege of speaking to the sovereign of the multiverse to do a meeting review with the audience, right?

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    Praying before meals, especially at restaurants, was always a teeth grinder for me.

    Just because Jesus prayed before passing the bread and wine around a million years ago, someone got the idea that we were supposed to pray before every meal.Toward the end of my JW career, whenever I was asked to pray at a meal or publicly in any form, I'd flatly and unabashedly refuse.

    The cliche prayer phrases I hated most were:

    "Jehovah , it is with bowed heads and humble hearts that we come before your heavenly throne in prayer"

    "We ask for a extra portion of your holy spirit be poured upon all those who couldn't be here this evening"

    "Please guide us and direct us as we make our way home from the meeting"

    "We leave this meeting in your care and keeping"

  • smiddy

    When Jesus gave his illustration of how to pray he never mentioned Jehovah .

    And the account`s of his giving a prayer ,he never mentions Jehovah.

    Forget about the NWT of the Bible

    Look at the Jehovahs Witness Kingdom Interlinear translation of The Christian Greek Scriptures,a word for word translation and the name Jehovah does not exist anywhere in that nearest to authentic text in existence.

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