Professions in the Paradise

by The Real Edward Gentry 35 Replies latest jw friends

  • Ding

    Is the OP a satire or does TREG think he's posting on jw dot org?

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    A clinic for resurrected ones, how to deal with life in paradise single..You will learn how not to have unclean thoughts about the opposite sex, no joking with other single males about the single sister body parts in the house next door, no peeping in sisters bedroom windows at night, no tight paints for men or women and the reason why.We know for at least a thousands years you may remain single until the new scrolls are open so no hanky panky.. So a clinic and counselor to help resurrected ones get control over their sexually desires, how you can sit on a beautiful beach(alone) as the sun sets and enjoy it, how to come home to to an empty bed each night and learn to be happy. And finally try convincing these folks that paradise is a lot better than HELL...

  • NewYork44M
    We will all be perfect so naturally,...

    Can someone explain what is different in a perfect person compared to an imperfect one. I get the obvious (2 legs, 2 arms, 10 fingers, and etc.). But I guess there is more? As a perfect person, am I immune to all illnesses? If I touch a fire will I not burn? Will my teeth be so strong that I can bite a nail? Are cavities a thing of the past? What if I decide to avoid brushing my teeth for many decades? Will my teeth still remain perfect? Does my IQ increase as a perfect person? What happens to a perfect person's libido? Is perfection better than viagra (I hope so)? What if I write a book, will I write with perfect grammar and syntax? These are just a few of the many questions I have about how different I will be in paradise.

  • atomant

    Artificial intelligence is taking over mankind.Wont be long now and humans will be turned into robots.its happening now.So what then?l cant imagine tony hot pants as a cyborg but its coming.lf there is going to be an Armageddon god better hurry up because AI and what it means for mankind is mind boggling.

  • Lostandfound

    There will be no real Edward Gentry in Paradise, only in time, in a grave.

  • FedUpJW

    Perhaps you may repair a brothers roof and in exchange he will landscape your yard.

    More like repair his roof, and in exchange he demands you stucco the walls too.

    Grave diggers! They will have 7,500,000,000 of people's bones to get rig of after the birds get done with them.

    Ahh...but think of the wonderful bone china that could be made. And think of the tingles down their legs they will get knowing they are eating their meals served off the bones of their DF'd family members.

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