Professions in the Paradise

by The Real Edward Gentry 35 Replies latest jw friends

  • waton

    Squirreling away old world artifact would be in order.

    think of it. The only rebellion in the multiverse tolerated for 7000 years, and never allowed to develop again, would not want to be forgotten without a trace, even as a curiosity. even just one airplane. because what is the worst of the new scriptures, new world commandments coming? (check wt ppp illustrations!

    11. thou shalt not build airplanes, commit levitation. .

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    ...and since we're speculating...

    We will all be perfect so naturally, each of us will be good singers and will be able to learn any musical instrument or invent new ones. There will be no more sad "cryin' in your beer" songs, every song will have a happy ending.

    Everyone will be special and no one will stand out as more interesting or talented than anyone else. Every perfect person will be able to build a home made of the perfect materials that have been produced perfectly so there won't be any need for repair and maintenance of anything. We'll figure out a solution for every problem with our perfect minds.

    When we walk through a grove of Coconut palms and a coconut falls on our head, there won't be any pain. If we happened to notice there has been an injury to our skull, we'll know just what to do and no matter how severely our skull has been cracked, it will immediately heal back to perfection.

    The animals will be peaceful and when our favorite pet Lion or pet Dolphin succumbs to the ravages of old age, suffers and eventually dies, we won't shed a single tear because crying is a thing of the past. We'll simply dispose of it's body and just get a new one.

    Language will be the same all over the world so one will have an interesting accent or a unique colorful way of phrasing things. When we visit other lands, we'll feel right at home because everyone everywhere is in unison and we all do things the same way. We will all be in agreement about everything at all times so eventually, we won't even have to speak to each other because everyone will have said all there is to say.

    Won't it be nice....I can't wait.


    My pet lion will eat straw just like a bull. And I won't know if it will be lions shit or just bullshit.

  • Lostandfound

    The Real Edward Gentry

    as they say in liverpool “. Yer havin a laff “

    you must have an easy life to spend time on fantasy island

  • smiddy3

    "You will build houses and inhabit them " Isa.65:21

    Their is no way my wife would stay in a house I built and I can`t blame her ,I`m completely useless as a handy man and she knows it.and so do I.

    I don`t have a green thumb ,so I would also be useless providing food in the vegetable garden too.

    I have no patience for fishing and I just hate the thought of spending hours for an empty catch.Would fishing even be allowed in the New System ? Eating one of Jehovahs creations in the new system ?

    Apparently you wont be able to hunt animals for food in the New System either.Their is a scripture there somewhere. isn`t their ?

    Would Jehovah still require a human sacrifice as he has done these past decades condoning his chosen people JW.ORG refusing blood transfusions ? while hypocritically accepting Blood fractions donated by worldly people donating their blood to blood banks that are then processed in a laboratory into fractions ,blood that is not poured out on the ground and should not be used for any purpose according to the Bible as claimed by Jehovah`s Witnesses.

  • Gorbatchov

    Think police.

    We will watch you.

    Don't call us, we call you.


  • Kevin McFree
    Kevin McFree

    everyone will have to live in glass houses to provide work for all the highly trained window cleaners (vision technicians).

    throwing stones not allowed

  • stuckinarut2

    Poppy Farmer and opium producer.

    Because we will all need some seriously powerful drugs to survive living with JWs for eternity!

  • Island Man
    Island Man

    There won't be any professions if people lived forever. If you don't have to save for retirement then there's no rush to make as much money as possible to create a nest egg for retirement. If there's no rush to make as much money as possible before retirement then you have a lot more free time on your hand - an eternity. If you have a lot more free time on hand then you can take your time and learn to do anything you want to do so you can do it yourself. There's no rush to do most things because life is very, very, very long, so it will get very, very, very slow-paced to point of being torturously boring.

  • waton

    There is this theory that the perception of time's duration has to with how long you lived already. It could be a feature of nerve deterioration with age. If there is no aging in the PPP, that would be a terrible drag. think of how long meetings were when you were 8. In the new world we will be young again? , the drag re-introduced.

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