Faders Needing a Great One Liner

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  • Solzhenitsyn

    So our family fade is well under way. We changed congregations as regular attenders and left in good standing with those giving hugs and kisses simply knowing we "needed a change". We moved to a neighboring congregation that is out of our original region knowing we would see no one and the two BOE's wouldn't really have immediate dealings. I chose this congregation knowing the BOE is relatively small (elderly) and had a tremendous publisher workload including lots of debauched teens and single moms that dress like whores that keep them incredibly busy.

    The fade began immediately. We made no connections in the new hall, no friends, no one to wonder, "where are they?". No one has contacted us, no FS time has been turned in, no school joined, nada. Not a phone call, not a visit, zippo from anyone. Of course I know that may change. When old cong friends text and call to ask how are we adjusting in our new cong we say "doing great, how about you guys?", and that's that.

    Now after being a company man for decades I'm not an idiot. All it will take is a speaker trade between our old and new congregations and an elder I served with for many years to ask at the KH or at hospitality after, "Hey I didn't see the "Smith" family and was hoping to catch up"... "Smith family...we haven't seen them since their cards and that shit%Y letter you wrote arrived six months ago"...and badda bing, the cat is out of the bag.

    SO! We still live, work, play, kids now attend youth group, we occasionally enjoy non-denominational services right in the middle of our old cong's territory. It is inevitable that the shock will spread like wildfire and we will run into old cong friends who want to ask God knows what. I know their motives. I know their "but Lord where shall we go" mentality. Part of me feels like I know their countermeasures and they don't stand a chance.

    We have no desire to turn in our letter (at this time). But my family and I (including an elementary school age child) would like to settle on a great one liner when approached by JW's who have been our friends for many years. We want to accomplish a few things:

    #1 Terminate the conversation as quickly as possible without inciting anger

    #2 Leave with food for thought to question the organization on a deeper level

    #3 Leave them with a one liner they would no doubt spread in the gossip train that would also cause their listening ears to question the organization on a deeper level as well

    To this awesome forum...your thoughts?


  • neat blue dog
    neat blue dog

    Ah, the Holy Grail you seek.

  • blondie

    We did #1. Especially since they drop by unannounced without making an appointment.

    "too bad you didn't make an appointment, we have something else planned now." If they try to set up an appointment say "We have to check our schedule, if we have an opening we will call you." Don't let them in ever. Only open the door a couple of inches (or talk through the door screen depending on the season). We had one elder insert his foot in that opening and my husband just kept closing the door. He moved his foot quickly.

  • OrphanCrow

    Tell them that you are having a wee bit of financial difficulty and by the way..."can you help us out?"

    They will run away so fast you won't even see the dust

    If that doesn't work...a casual mention of recent quarantine might..."yeah...can't get much done when the wifey and kids had a highly communicable disease...not sure if it is safe yet"

    Sorry, can't help with your goal of making them think. That could be an impossible task

  • Xanthippe

    You could say, 'the last time we went in field service I tried to explain overlapping generations to a university professor and he said come back when you understand it. Can you help me with that?'

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    say : " i cant think of a plausible excuse right now--but i will be sure to call you if i do "

  • truth_b_known

    At some point in time you will have contact with Witnesses, whether the new congregation's elders or acquaintances from the old congregation, and they will corner you with questions. You can either lie to them or just figuratively rip the bandage off and be honest.

    The only thing that happened like this to my wife and I was a Witness my wife used to work with reached out to her for help on a job. He dropped it off at the house and when the job was completed he picked it up. My wife told me that when he comes to pick it up he will question us as to why we are no longer active and he did. Here's how I responded to him -

    "If we are each responsible for developing our own individual relationship with Jehovah I think it would be improper for me to tell you why I am no longer active. I became aware of things through study and research that brought me to this decision. It would not be right for me to try to influence your relationship by sharing everything I learned.

    "What I will tell you is this - I cannot associate myself with an organization that intentionally hides the criminal behavior of its members. Hiding child sexual abuse for the perceived idea that it will maintain the integrity of the organization's reputation is not only morally wrong, but it directly violates my sworn oath as a peace officer. Romans 13:1-7 states that I am a servant given by Jehovah and I carry a sword as an avenger to spread wrath against the one practicing what is bad. I cannot support what is directed to me by Jehovah under scripture and the opposite which is directed by man made policy of an organization."

    The Witness paused and said that I gave him something to think about. We never heard anything after that.

    When leaving the organization there is no "Eat your cake and have it, too" scenario. At some point in time Witnesses will figure out what's going on and act just like you would imagine they would. The important thing is that you fill the void of family and friends with new family and friends.

  • pale.emperor

    woah, woah, woah. First of all...

    lots of debauched teens and single moms that dress like whores that keep them incredibly busy

    Which cong is this again? I may pay a visit.

    As for the one liner, how about "I heard some apostate teaching about an overlapping generation or something? This contradicts the religion I was baptized into."

  • Giordano

    Just say...."We are taking a break from the JW world until the Society makes an effort to protect their children."

    Jesus said "do not hinder the children from coming to me".

    "Don't you think sexually molesting a child and hiding behind the 'two witness' loop hole......... might hinder those children for the rest of their lives?"

    "Be sure to stop by and let me know when they have fixed this problem."

  • tiki

    I'm not interested anymore....

    I have opted to march to a different drummer.....

    Questions that subsequently may rise...nosey minds wanting explanation..simply say it is none of your concern.

    I did know of one really good response though..." you work out your salvation...I'll work out mine" end of conversation.

    The thing is, no one owes anyone an explanation or excuse or justification for the choices they make. That is free moral agency.

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