Crisis of Conscience: December 12, 2015 - 50 weeks later

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  • jookbeard

    a debacle and total farce, as Steve2 says the longer the delay the better it is for the WTS to make some sort of move, it needs to be out there.

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Xelder and WingCommander have identified themselves as members of the freeloading parasite class.

    Who else wants to step up and hurl criticism at me for putting my money where my enthusiasm lies and peeling off a few bills to help republish a book the XJW community said was "essential"?

    Now I'm being called a "sucker" and the lawless throng of XJWs are saying "Copyright be damned! Piracy rules! Information wants to be free!"

    Knock yourselves out, jerks.

  • dubstepped

    I can't believe that anyone would say to let sleeping dogs lie and besides, there's other books on the subject. Really? Are they written by former governing body members with great Biblical insight? We're not just talking any book here, we're talking the most influential book in helping people leave the cult. Until this person gets off their duff and gets this book out, long live piracy because it helps people and that's more important than a copyright someone is sitting on. Lives are at stake. COC was a huge help to my wife and I and I'm thankful that someone had pdf files and even an audio version. Changed my life for the better. Put the damn book out and I'll pay for one too, but until then it needs to be available and if piracy is the only option, that's on the copyright holder.

    Oh, and thanks Nathan Natas for trying to help the project, along with others. It needs to be readily available.

  • Sanchy

    Put the damn book out and I'll pay for one too, but until then it needs to be available and if piracy is the only option, that's on the copyright holder.

    ..agreed. Reality is that it was a pirated copy of CoC that opened my eyes to this cult. Had it not been for it, I might have still been in "the truth".

    Having said that, as soon as it hits the market, I'll buy a legit version

  • Diogenesister

    I am a proud member of the pirating class, although I don't call you a sucker, I think it was extremely estimable of you. Many people offered to help Deborah - even publishing professionals. Actually I was given the website of the p DF on here, which is why I thought that whole ' cease and desist' out cry on here a couple of years ago so hypocritical.

    Unfortunately, I think you guys are on to something, if the lady in question is an exJW the delay in publishing may be down to old fashioned superstition of the deity.

    So you know what I'm going to say now, don't you? 1 2 3...

    Publish and be damned!!!

  • steve2

    According to one of her comments, she went through a period last year of significantly protracted health issues. Until I hear otherwise, I'll keep that in mind as a possible reason for the inaction

  • dubstepped

    If her health won't allow her to pursue this, then turn it over to someone that can/will. Seems like many are willing to help. I too wonder if her capacity is minimized by the cult.

  • Thisismein1972

    I do love the thumbs down. Please keep it up, if it makes one feel better in themselves, who am I to disagree.

  • sparrowdown

    Mike and Kim have been silent on the subject for a while now and they were the ones who were in contact with copyright holder. Something seems off to me, but it's a waiting game ultimately, that's what ownership is after all you can choose to publish or you can choose to sit on it and do nothing.

  • Listener

    For what it's worth, YouTuber 'The Unwitness'(Joel I think)said a few months ago that he was disappointed with the delay but had been told the reason why and it was legit. Also that it will be well worth the delay from what he had heard and to be patient. He said he couldn't say anymore.

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