Why are there more sisters than brothers at the Kingdom Hauls?

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  • Wild_Thing

    I thought it was because the male animal has no season in which he is not willing to engage in the breeding act.

  • jws

    I do think men and women are "wired" differently. When my ex got pregnant, and you watch basic maternal instincts like the "nesting" instinct come into play, you know things are instinctual as part of their nature. Perhaps as their hormones.

    Doesn't mean that applies to everyone or that their intellects are different. But chemicals affect us. Ever see a guy who's all "I love ya man" after a few beers?

    In my family, our mom and dad stayed JW. The sons left. The daughters stayed in.

    I left because I never really liked it. I hated the boring talks where they repeated stuff they teach all the time - nothing new to learn. Hated the one-lesson-fits-all approach. I hated field service and giving up my weekend mornings. Hated giving talks. But yet I clung on because I hadn't investigated it, so I went with the "it's the truth" lie because that's all I knew.

    But for me, I think the ultimate last straws were social. I was an average publisher and not always so goody-goody (nothing that bad - rock music, a little underaged drinking, etc). So I didn't make friends with other goody-goody snobs. I also didn't find very many girls and some of them did seem brainwashed into thinking only an ex-Bethelite would do. Or somebody of that rank. I was never going to be that unless I could get my heart into this religion. But I couldn't. And outside in "the world", there were plenty more girls and more friends. Ones who weren't so spiritual. If I had found a JW wife, I might still be a JW to this day. But for an average publisher, there seemed very little interest.

  • TD

    I would say these are very typical male observations:

    I hated the boring talks

    I hated....giving up my weekend mornings

    [I] hated giving talks

    The ultimate last straws were social.

    I didn't make friends with ...goody-goody snobs.

    I...didn't find very many girls [because] only an ex-Bethelite would do. Or somebody of that rank.

  • waton

    Acluetofindtheuser said:

    Males are more inclined to be independent. An independent person is not welcome in JW land. Independent thinking is from the devil as they would say.It appears women also seem more submissive than men. When males preach from the platform what other males need to do then an internal hard-wired war takes place in the congregant.Males preaching from the platform are the winners in a tooth and claws fight for dominance.

    Females love the amplification that their orders to the congregations get through the wt sound system. so: you might have the situation that the husband, elated at the "privilege" of handling the mike, holds it more than twice for his wife during a meeting, quietly.

    1 Cor 14 notwithstanding.

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