JW's have he lowest tolerance for LGBT

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  • EdenOne

    According to a Pew Research Survey ... and it has evolved little since 2007.


  • Oubliette
    In news that is surprising to absolutely no one!
  • DJS

    Yes Oubilette, further 'proof' that only they have the truth and god's backing. Makes me wanna hurl.

    The Dark Lords will view this as confirmation of their own deity and step up their hate filled teachings and practices.

    I'm going to email this article to Angus Stewart.

  • Vidiot

    kaik - "JW's have the lowest tolerance for LGBT..."

    'Course they do.

    All those closeted gays at Bethel have to manifest their self-loathing somehow. :smirk:

  • slimboyfat
    Yes I notice that. I also thought it was intersting just how rapidly attitudes are changing towards gay people and gay marriage among other faith groups. JWs risk being severely left behind on this issue. When other churches start coming around and JWs are the only ones left discriminating I can forsee trouble unless they have a change in policy.
  • sparrowdown
    Does not surprise me, some apologists have tried to say that the society is more tolerant of these things now, but, I have heard comments by JWs that would be classed as hate speech against gay people. In my experience many JWs loath gay people as people, not just their lifestyle.
  • EdenOne

    According to an article decades ago in The Watchtower, the Jehovah's Witness must not only 'hate what is bad', but they must also hate the people with whom 'bad is inextricably linked'. There's your free pass to hate people.


  • careful


    When ... JWs are the only ones left discriminating

    Like the Mormons, the Southern Baptists, the Missouri Synod Lutherans, the Presbyterian Church in America, and in the UK the Plymouth Brethren? Don't hold your breath waiting for any of these groups to budge on homosexuality.

  • slimboyfat
    All those groups have much higher rates of acceptance compared with JWs. Even Mormons who are notoriously homophobic are more than twice as accepting of gay people than JWs. Plus they are all changing much faster than JWs too. The prospect of JWs, Westboro Baptist Church, and a handful of others being left behind looks like a real one.
  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    JW's have THE LEAST amount of tolerance to same sex relationships/marriages, THE LEAST!!! Period.

    If I can remember a few months ago, the US Government legalized same sex marriages. If I can recall reading on here somewhere, the Government will NOT punish religious Organizations that condone same sex marriages.

    Could be interesting. The Borg's lawyers must be working full throttle on this one.

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