JW's have he lowest tolerance for LGBT

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  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot

    Pew research notwithstanding, Jehovah's Witnesses do not compare with Fundamentalist Christians who want Gays outlawed or even executed. There are more of them than there are Witnesses.

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  • dubstepped

    The last conversation I ever had with my dad was him calling me yelling at me for "loving the gays". Apparently years ago I said something about how gay people didn't choose to be that way, how many of them know from an early ae, how they don't choose that anymore than we choose heterosexuality, how there are genetics involved, and if nothing else why would anyone choose something that would bring so much heartache into their life. That made me a "lover of the gays", I guess. I just love all people now and don't feel it's my place to judge like I did when I was an uber dub.

    All he could say to me was "do you believe the Bible", not that he could quote or even relate one scripture. He's an elder and as judgemental as they come. It was a ridiculous conversation. My mom overheard and later related that she was embarrassed by it. My wife overheard and was dumbfounded. That's my dad though. He once went on and on about how nobody in the congregation should use any type of nicotine patches or anything to quit smoking because nicotine was a drug. Ironically, my dad used sugar as a drug his whole life and kept eating it over and over while doctors begged him not too and he's now on dialysis for destroying his kidneys. But God forbid someone use a nicotine patch to quit smoking. The judgemental hypocrisy in the organization, the narrow mindedness, is absolutely frightening when you consider who is actually taking the lead in many congregations.

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    It is well known that JWs are one the most homophobic group out there. Muslims until recently was not known for homophobia, they were eventually groomed to it by Islamic ideology. Until 18th/19th century, gays in Muslim world had much better chance for social acceptance unlike Europe. Various travelers and court observations in Islamic world prior colonization were well aware of tolerance of gay subculture in Muslim countries. Ottoman Empire or Mameluk in Egypt had well established career rise for men to sleep their way to the apex of the power. This changed with Wahhabism and colonization of ME by English law that criminalized same-sex relationship. Many sultans, viziers groomed a harem of young men for gratification in the 15th through 18th century.
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    Introvert 2
    Wow Dubstepped you've just described an elder I studies with when I converted. Their culture is so very much from the top down isn't it ?
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    Does anyone have access to anything the WT has published on intersex people (they might have used the now-outdated term: hermaphrodite)?

    I tried a search on jw.org using both terms as keywords, but came up empty, and unfortunately I do not have access to older publications.

    FYI: I think this is an interesting angle because--unlike "the debate" in some people's minds about homosexuality being a choice--it is biologically inarguable as to whether or not people born intersex have a choice. They obviously did not.

    I've just started a new thread on this topic, so if you have any quotes or relevant comments, please post them there:


    Thanks in advance!

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