Is Satan the good guy?

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    The Bible DOES give both sides of the issues if you know where to read from "For God cannot lie".

    Presuppositionalist; that statement, without validation, is as true as 'The Little Red Book DOES give both sides of the issues if you know where to read from "For Chairman Mao cannot lie".

    Do you people know what it means to be indep. FROM GOD....That means you don't need God or his Help in EVERYTHING AND ANYTHING so God told back he power from man and look we get oldage ,sickness ,pain,suffering,and death. Even the animals are out of control and the weather too. God just took back his power from the earth and this is the end results and it sucks so badly big time!

    Yup. Mankind wanted independence, and because of that, God cursed them. If God hadn't cursed tham, whose to say that in time humans would not have flourished under their own governance. God cheated. And please provide evidence to back up "the animals are out of control and the weather too", as that's just apocalyptic nonsence unless you can prove it, and I don't want to listen to any false prophets now, do I?

    The devil only tells you HALF the truth and Jesus said one time "That the devil work for his own disposition".....Which is totally true, look Eve did died and before that they suffered for hundreds of years(human time table) he didn't care about her ,he used her an knew full well what would happen to her and adam because of that lie. The Devil is a liar and will mislead you any chance he can get and one way is to make himself out to be the good guy.Like if it's all Gods fault, God has laws and there has to be a form of Justice/laws to have true peace an to uphold it. If you remember everything was very good and in the beginning there was no pain death or suffering only until man changed and went his own way from God did trouble set in for all of us an for the earth and everything in it. Aleast God is going to get mankind out of this mess and he's the one with the plan for US and for are well being!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Why isn't it fundies never smell that well? ... I mean spell, sorry...

    You are basing your arguement on the Bible. It's like basing an arguement about Hitler on Mein Kamp (sp?).



    When Satan said that ("will not die") to Eve, it was true. It was only when God cheated and took away their immortality that it made it look like Satan had lied. And as for Satan saying that they would know the truth... well, they got to see God react to them using their feewill... that certainly showed them the truth about God, didn't it?

    you guys are all laying down some pretty big bets that someone is going to prove God wrong on Judgement day. If Vegas was taking odds don't expect the devil to be the underdog by anything better than 10000000000000000000000000000000:1. Your arguements and accusations will be answered. Demons took the devil's side before he was been proven wrong. Leave it to men to top the foolishness of demons by taking his side after he has been proven wrong.

    That's just a threat, based on the assumption that God and Satan exist, for which there is (drumroll) NO PROOF. You seem to be under the impression that people believe this... well, I can't speak for others, but I don't. I'm just having fun dismantling a childish vison of god in a book no more or less 'true' than the Qu'ran, but maybe a tad more factual than the Book of Mormon. Doesn't it worry you that in the Bible god is actually portrayed as someone you would only play cards with if they were naked and had a mirror behind them?

    As for you saying that "Many people on this thread seem to be backing Satan IF there is a Judgment day.", well, if God IS like that, would YOU want to serve him for eternity? I'd rather stand against a tyrant and die, as if God IS like that, he offends my sense of morality. However, for me the entire point is that this is just one more strand of evidence that IF there is a God, the Bible is nothing to do with him, it's just an ancient, out-moded, ignorant collection of myths and fables with (in the OT at least) a really unpleasent deity in it with as many faults and character defects as the people who made him up.

    If there is a god, he better be nicer han that, otherwise, what's the point? I can get petty, immature and unjust from humans any day, I don't need God for that.

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    Starscream, please go away you are hijacking my topic. I have posted a message on the other topic so you dont need to post on this one any more.

    I would address your statement but I have been told off once already.

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    No, Satan is not the good guy.

    starScream, good comments.

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    Is there really any question? Before Satan I was just a 98lb weaking. After a quick soul transaction no more sand in my face and all the ladies fall over with their legs in the air.

    Worried about going to Heaven? Saint Peter's got nothing on me. Nah. Not with Satan. He's the greatest!

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    I think it's settled once and for all; i'm a good guy. Thanks guys.


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    After a quick soul transaction no more sand in my face and all the ladies fall over with their legs in the air.

    Slippy- did you start an exercise class?

    I am sooooo glad you came !!!!!


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    Summer Reading List From Ms. Joannadandy

    1. Paradise Lost-John Milton

    2. Adam, Eve, & the Serpent or/and The Origin of Satan- by Elaine Pagles

    3. The Prince of Darkness: Radical Evil and the Power of Good in History - Jeffery Burton Russell

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    awww (((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((St. Satan)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))...*LOL*


    District Overbeer of the "Titanicaly Satanic" class

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    XW!!!! You're making me blush!!!!

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