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  • ttdtt

    Are these mid week videos available somewhere?

  • Life is to short 2
    Life is to short 2


    Also another very good point. The video just made me sick and hard to sleep tonight. If gerry is right, it's beyond sick the way they presented this.

  • OneGenTwoGroups

    Abuser in story being a worldling -- not an accident.

    Story occuring in Australia -- not a coincedence.

    No mention of police nor professional help -- all according to plan.

  • OneGenTwoGroups

    The ARC needs to be informed about this video.

  • sir82

    does it give any clue as to the identity of the perpetrator? JW on non-JW? Relative or stranger?

    She says it was a "family friend".

    Later in the video she says that her father was "looking for a religion", and then the JWs came to their door.

    So it is strongly implied that the abuse occurred prior to their conversion,

    Slick propaganda / damage control by the WTS PR machine. Will soothe their target audience, i.e. JWs who are convinced that only "worldly" people abuse children and there is no such problem within the "spiritual paradise".

  • Room 215
    Room 215

    sr82: "So it is strongly implied that the abuse occurred prior to their conversion,"

    They're masters at the "strongly implying" innuendo game: "Looking for a religion" may well be another head-feint to camouflage an incident which occurred when the father might have been studying but not as yet baptized... we can't know, of course.. but it would not be unsurprising given their duplicitous penchant for misinformation.

  • Wayward

    This is no accident. This is the WT propaganda machine trying to undo whatever damage might have been done by believers who have heard or read about the ARC. Sick. Disgusting.

    And notice they don't suggest victims of child rape get professional care. Nope. "Pioneer and all will be cured!" "Wait on Jehovah! One of these days, someday in the future, he'll wave his magic wand and make everything ok." Makes my blood boil!

  • prologos
    We: " "hat seeds are planted in the minds of people that its' only the bad worldly people that abuse children.

    and even the evil world does not report those crimes to the police (or mention it) , and when a victim converts to Wt's religion, we do not counsel, require them to go to the police either, after all, he was a family friend. Now: we are a world -wide family, so:--. same OZ production, appropriate attire at the same beach.

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  • stuckinarut2

    Oh the irony!

    The video used the same kingdom hall in wollongong (south of sydney) where a case of child abuse took place decades ago!!!

    And one who played a bit-part in the video has a father who sat on a judicial case where an abuser was not taken to the police!!


  • tor1500


    I saw the video, Australia, really? So, they went to Australia to show a sister that WAS abused, not while in the org. but before she became a witness...so what's the point...the point is that the org. is trying to show they are empathetic to people who have been abused sexually as a child. OK, that's nice, what about people that are abused IN THE ORG. BY PEOPLE IN THE ORG. Talk about covering their behinds. The very place the org. is under investigation for pedophile they decide to find a sister who was abused. UH? Many people do know about the ARC, but don't want to be shunned. It has leaked out....the more they don't talk about it the more I know they know. We all know news travel fast in JW world...telephone, telegraph, tela'witness...

    I think another reason many don't mention it...because they are embarrassed, too busy talking about others & they are guilty of the same thing...a person/org. has to be mighty humble to admit this... Reminds me of a marriage counselor, that can save everyone's marriage but their own... I also think that they had to mention Australia at least once...because so much is leaked about it. So the org. can't just ignore it.

    The org. is up to something....stay tuned.


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