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  • No Apologies
    No Apologies

    I wonder what will be going through my loyal JW sister's mind as she watches this. Of course she has nothing to do with me, but she has no problem associating with the JW family member who molested her for years. They go to the same Hall, in fact.

  • wannaexit

    The message that the governing body is sending with this video, to anyone who has been abused within the watchtower structure, is clear to anyone with their eyes open.

    It goes like this.

    An abused person's primary focus should be on getting better" of course", and how do we do that? NO, not by going to the police!! It's not going to help you either, going to a therapist. And we certainly wouldn't want to spend all our precious time making noise about it. No what we want to do is the same old, same old, meeting, service, meeting, service, etc. and maybe if you need something more , take a walk to the beach and you will feel all better. And no nasty lawsuits .

    I saw this video this week and I felt a little vomit coming up my throat.

    Feel the love !!!!!

    I can tell you this, that it would go a long way to me feeling better, had I been raped, to see the bastard who did it rot in jail. Of course there was no mention of prosecution in the video. No mention of crime being committed. It's all good in paradise.

  • steve2

    If the gaze of public scrutiny is on you, deflect, deflect, deflect. It would be no coincidence that, in this manufactured example, the sister had to be Australian. Given the extent of the problems within the organization, it is no coincidence that they tell a story in which the woman was sexually abused as a child by a nonWitness.

  • Life is to short 2
    Life is to short 2


    You really hit the nail on the head. This is why I love this sight, as so many see things in a way I just did not see but is so obvious.

    This video just made me sick, Steve 2 you made a very great point also.


  • smiddy

    Can anybody download that video here ? Their is no way I would go to JW.ORG to view it

    Only then could I make a comment on it.

  • gerry
  • gerry

    what would you say if I would tell you that this is the same Kingdom Hall where the pedophile Robert Souter abused a number of young boys. This Souter was the subject of two Sunday programs about child abuse among JWs in Australia. Also back in 2008 one of the regular pioneers was imprisoned for two years for being in possession of child pornography. He is back doing the mikes and sound now.



  • Room 215
    Room 215

    I haven't seen the video, of course, but one question springs immediately to mind: does it give any clue as to the identity of the perpetrator? JW on non-JW? Relative or stranger? Again their focus remains on the victim "getting over it," not on prosecuting the criminal.

    No coincidence they pick an incident involving a case in Australia...

  • Truthexplorer

    I must admit, I was gob smacked when I saw this video as took me by surprise. Admittedly, I felt sorry for the woman in the video and could see the genuine pain she has suffered from years of abuse. My heart goes out to her as an individual and genuinely hope she can move on with her life, as indeed others who have also suffered abuse.

    But it is the fact that the organisation have in the past gone on camera denying that they don't take adequate action toward child molesters within their ranks, and even slate all complaints as apostate driven lies and dishonesty!

    Court cases in the United States and investigations by the Australian Royal Commission show otherwise.

    So who really are the ones who are lying and being dishonest?


  • wannaexit

    does it give any clue as to the identity of the perpetrator?

    @Room 215 , its inferred at the beginning that it happened before the family became jws. Its crafted that way on purpose so that seeds are planted in the minds of people that its' only the bad worldly people that abuse children.

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