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  • aboveusonlysky

    Did anybody see the service meeting video this week?

    Australian sister was sexually abused as a child and thought of ending her life at 14 years old, sometime later JW's call on her father who accepts a study and eventually the whole family becomes witnesses, life gets much better as the sister immerses herself in pioneering etc, she still has some dark days but prayer along with going for walks and swimming has helped her cope with bad memories of child abuse, the new system (just around the corner) will completely fix everything........

    I'm dumbfounded, the hypocrisy has literally rendered me speechless......comments anybody?

  • LevelThePlayingField

    comments...sure. The JW's or the Governing Body, I should say, see nothing wrong with this at all. It's not hypocrisy in anyway to them. This is simply about a woman, who like many others were a victim of sexual child abuse and found out the truth according to the JW's. It's got nothing to do with what's happening with "God's organization". Sorry to tell it to you like that, but that's exactly how many a JW will see this video.

    If I had $10 in my pocket and told you that you could go to ten JW's and ask them if they heard about the Royal Commission in Australia as regards to their hearing with Jehovah's Witnesses, I think I could tell you that I probably would still have my $10 in my pocket after you talked to 10 of them, because they most likely don't have a clue what happened a year ago with their very own religion, even though one of their own, that is, one of the Governing Body members was hailed before their highest court in the county. He had to testify as to what their faith was about, how their system of worship is conducted and explain their current tactics for dealing with child sexual abuse for their global religion of 8.2 million witnesses. This should have made news on their one website called, JW.org but it never did because for the most part, they all looked like fools in front of the camera.

    So, is it hypocrisy, yes in a way it really is. They should be more transparent about it, but if you talk to a JW, they will see nothing wrong with it. But good for you for seeing it for what it truly is.

    So with that said, the governing body of the JW's may have brought this out to help their own deal with such atrocities. Who really knows how they think for sure, but trust me one thing, they don't think it's a real problem with in their organization.

  • 2+2=5

    The Royal commission in Australia hasn't been and gone. The WTS has it coming to them, and I think they know it. They will almost certainly be hurt financially and it still has the potential to be significant. These child abuse issues will nearly sink them and it's part of the reason they have been preparing for a substantial membership decline, a decline which has already started. They will scream persecution, and trim some fat at the same time.

    The religion will be a slow-motion train wreck over the next 20 years IMO.

  • ToesUp

    Of all the people to speak of child abuse. Crazy!

  • xjwsrock

    They are putting another message "out there". It's a standard PR tactic. They are getting out in front of the issue for those that haven't heard of the problems and trying to change the dialogue for those that have.

    I expect nothing less from a multi-billion dollar religion business eat up with corruption.

  • Listener

    Not once do they say what happened to the abuser or for the victim to seek out therapy.

    I think the whole purpose of the video was to tell those abused that having dark days is normal and all they need to do is pray on the matter, keep themselves occupied physically and to leave the matter to God.

  • Chook

    The biggest accomplishment from ARC for those in is ,that the elders book is freely online and available and can't be removed or copyright laws don't apply. Not to forget the most epic statement from Geoffrey "presumptuous ". Australia's best JW lawyer said he never heard of theocratic warfare. These guys are at the pinnacle of PERJURY .

  • zeb

    No the ARC has not come and gone. The massive work to compile their evidence and write up their recommendations to the federal govt is yet to happen.

    There is a list on the ARC site of organisations who have submitted their intentions on the matter of child abuse and what they are to do. An organisation has the option to seek anonymity in this particular instance so unless the wt has done this then they have NOT submitted any such agenda/program to deal with child abuse.

    My guess is as 2+2=5 has said that the wt will be a slow motion train wreck and will, at least attempt, to sit the matter out and when they are forced to report such cases it will be "what a great job we have done". and as an aside the new palace they have built in NY state will become a bolt hole for the gb etal.

    Me? I would like to see Americas FBI storm the wt head office and seize all files to reveal this paedophile list we hear so much about but they never reveal. To any regular reader here it will be no surprise to see who is on it. The screams of indignation and "persecution" that this will bring from the gb being American then can be no longer be denied by the r&f around the world.

  • NVR2L8

    This video is made to lull the indoctrinated JWs in believing that faith in Jehovah will make everything alright and that if you have been abused and are suffering you need to put more effort to improve your spirituality (not go after the bastard who abused you and the accomplices who are hiding his crime). So stop playing the victim because others have buried it deep...many more than the 1006 reported cases in Australia.

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    Besides the obvious irony, the first thing that comes to mind is I wonder if her father was the one abusing her ? If so did he get treatment or did he go on to become a JW and continue abusing ? If so, were his victims part of those included in the numbers we heard about in the Australian hearings?

    You'd think they'd steer clear of anything to do with the topic of child abuse.

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