Calling Cofty and others regarding evolution

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  • Old Navy
    Old Navy

    ...but you better don your flame retarding suit if your gonna raise questions about evolution on this thread :wink: .

    Good point. Fortunately I have one of those that has served me well for several decades. It was embryonically formed while in Navy Boot Camp where us "recruits" were carefully instructed in how we would come to appreciate that "there is a right way, there is a wrong way, and there is the Navy Way!"

    Then aboard ship that suit really got fully formed and hardened. Navy Petty Officers are especially good at "ass chewings" and assigning "shit details" to inculcate the desired "behavior modifications."

    This erstwhile forum, by comparison, is a Rose Garden.

  • WhatshallIcallmyself

    "I don't say evolution cannot explain thought in principle. I don't say thought proves evolution wrong. I say evolution RIGHT NOW don't explain the origin of thought well." - HB

    Again, either you aren't explaining yourself in a manner that can accurately communicate to us your thoughts, or you still do not understand what a scientific theory is.

    At the moment evolutionary theory does 'explain' the origin of thoughts in a satisfactory manner. By satisfactory I mean that it remains in harmony with known parameters and the predictions it makes with regards to this subject is verified by findings from various branches of inquiry; not all of which are tasked with looking at the emergence of thought directly.

    However, and this is important, evolutionary theory in and of itself does not prove anything... It is the basis of a set of ideas that can then be tested. It is those more specific ideas that are shown to be true of false.

    What is evolutionary theory (or the Theory of Evolution)? It is the idea that all the extant life on earth share a common ancestor and that all extant life has evolved from that common ancestor; in other words it simply offers an explanation of the diversity of life around us. From that simple idea stems all the knowledge we now have on this subject and that knowledge (based on scientific enquiry) supports the theory.

  • cofty

    Hothead - All of your ranting and raving, your sophomoric insults and your ad hominem attacks in this thread could be summed up with - 'there is still a lot more to learn about biological evolution'.

    And the appropriate reply would be 'And...?'

  • slimboyfat
    Hothead... your sophomoric insults.

    Yep, irony lost once again.

  • cofty

    Hothead is not an insult it's an accurate description of his posting style.

    You are a shit-stirrer SBF.

  • slimboyfat

    You don't think there is the tiniest bit of irony insulting someone and complaining about insults in the same breath?

    I'm curious, did he even call you names like that? If not, then it's even more ironic.

    And I get insulted just for pointing out the irony? When have I ever called you names? It's not impossible I suppose. So I won't say, I've never called you a name ever. But I honestly don't remember ever calling you names. But for you it's a habit to insult people and call them names. Tell them what they've read, what they should read, but that you don't need to read something in order to criticise it. And so on.

    You habitually do exactly what you accuse other people.

    Like that, always saying others need to read about evolution before cricising it (a fair enough point in itself) but refusing to do the same yourself on other perspectives.

  • cofty

    So many lies in that post it's not worth responding to apart from one detail.

    The only thing I criticise that I haven't studied is obscurantist French postmodern deconstructionism. All somebody has to do is read some of your 'there are no facts' posts to see what that nonsense does to your mind.

    Apart from that I make it a point to know what I criticise.

    I'm sure Hothead can look after himself without your faux outrage.

    By the way I see from your post yesterday that you are going back to the 'truth' yet again!

  • hothabanero
    @whatshallcallmyself: At the moment evolutionary theory does 'explain' the origin of thoughts in a satisfactory manner

    okay I am confused. you say evolution do explain the origin of thought; @Coded Logic say evolution should not explain the origin of thought and wikipedia treat it as an unsolved problem.

    Perhaps you too should write to wikipedia and provide your solution for how thought evolved?

    Hothead - All of your ranting and raving, your sophomoric insults and your ad hominem attacks in this thread could be summed up with - 'there is still a lot more to learn about biological evolution'

    Bravo Cofty! It is almost like you read my first post where I wrote exactly that and finally understood it! *clap* *clap* *clap*

    BTW sorry for triggering you into calling me names. Should I call you a name too bro? In that way, it may seem more normal that you are a middle-aged man calling ppl names on the internet over some stupid post you didn't understand lol.

    If you are ready to join the adults, do you think the evolution of human thought is a solved problem?

  • cofty

    Hothead until you can conduct a conversation like a reasonable person talk to yourself.

  • hothabanero


    @Cofty-I-call-you-names-and-say-you-are-insulting: my old bro, you forgot to turn off your webcam!

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