Anyone struggle to find meaning in life?

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  • pale.emperor

    My life has a lot more meaning that it ever did as a JW.

    How long have you been awake from the JWs may i ask? Because when i first left i went through stages of loss like someone had died. It passed.

    Personally, i have a lot of interests. What things are you interested in? Are there things you'd like to learn or do but were never "allowed to" when a JW.

    My advice is do anything and everything you want to do (as long as you dont harm anyone of course) and really get it out of your system and discover who you really are. Read self help, psychology, other religions, philosophy etc. May i suggest Philosopher Alan Watts? His audio lectures are on YouTube and he really had a massive influence on me.

  • Finkelstein

    The meaning of life should be one of trying to make the living experience enjoyable with responsibility and concern for others.

    Humanism is for everyone.

  • Xanthippe
    Is this because I was a JW? Or a pessimistic/over-thinking personality trait?

    Its both! I went to a seminar years ago where ex-cultists gave talks about their experience of leaving. A woman from the Children of God said just what you're saying, small talk seems well - small! She found that the way people lived seemed pointless, she desperately wanted to find the meaning.

    It's because we've come out of a cult where everything meant soooo much, everything you did, said and even thought. It was the end of the world, well soon! We had lives to save!

    Its not, actually, over-thinking to want life to have meaning but you've got to find your own meaning, what matters to you. Whether it's art, science, sport, music, literature, travel, relationships, Netflix or whatever. Don't think that the pursuit of happiness doesn't matter, it's vital to your health and well-being. Good luck searching for meaning and try and enjoy it. 😀

  • snare&racket

    Please all watch these videos,

    Richard Feynman being as honest as we can be...

    and the great Carl Sagan

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    I realized a long time ago that this business about life needing to have "meaning" or "purpose" , was something that was planted in my mind during my JW upbringing and it was an idea that wasn't particularly conducive to happiness.

    JW's believe that the only way for life to have meaning is to serve Jehovah (or them) and for life to have purpose, it has to go on for all eternity.

    Religion plays into human Narcissism by telling us we are important enough to live forever. We are the center of the universe and that the earth and planets are here for our biding even though history has borne out that that the exact opposite is true .

    Whether we were meant to live for 80 years or we were meant to go on living for eternity, it still doesn't answer the question as to WHY God (if he exists) felt the need to create life, what was his "purpose" in doing so? The animals and plant life have purpose but they only live for a limited time, so why shouldn't we? I think this business of wanting to live forever might well be put down to basic human Narcissism and greed as is the idea that our lives are so important in the scheme of things, that we must be diligent about how we use our time. The reality is, whether we waste time or use it wisely, either way, it passes by and is gone.

  • ssn587

    You create your own meaning in life not some mythical sky daddy.

  • snare&racket
  • OnTheWayOut


    Everyone who isn't living in crisis mode does that- crisis mode being a life where day-to-day living is too full of problems to allow for anything beyond getting through the day.

    Jehovah's Witnesses told me that life has a meaning and God has a purpose for me. That was all hogwash nonsense. So does that mean that life does not have a meaning? Sort of, but it doesn't have to be that way.

    Although many are selfish meanings, people can give their own life it's own meaning. You find a purpose. If it's to pass on wisdom to another generation and do your part to perpetuate your genes, so be it. If it's to leave earth a little cleaner for the next generation, to save the puppies, to rid the earth of ignorance of some subject, etc. etc. etc. so be it then too.

    I had a longer answer at my fingertips to type, but I think you can figure out the rest.

  • Xanthippe

    Thanks very much for the links Snare. I love the Feynman vid

    'I have approximate answers and different beliefs..... I'm not absolutely sure of anything....But it doesn't frighten me.'

    A man after my own heart.

  • DesirousOfChange

    Here's the deal, life has the meaning you give it.~ Lisa Rose

    Very profound.

    A JW family member of mine told her "apostate" son not to come to her bashing everything that gives meaning to her life (her JW hope for everlasting life, Panda Petting Paradise, etc) until he could offer her something better than she has now.

    That's the same problem we are all dealing with now. We all believed that we had the greatest future possible, too! As a JW, we believed that God selected us (1 of 1000 people on average) as "special" -- deserving (if we earned it) of Everlasting Life in Paradise. Someone here won the $500million (US) lottery this week. That's pretty damn good! But even that cannot top what we really believed we had "won" as JWs.

    What if you had that lottery ticket and finally weeks or months later, after your extensive tax planning, when you went to turn in the ticket and claim your prize they said "Oops!'s not real!" You'd feel like shit!

    Same with learning TTATT. Someone just yanked the carpet from underneath you! Your world just collapsed! You are going to feel like "shit" until you "get over it" or get past it, etc. Personally, I had 50 years (not weeks or months) invested in that "ticket" only to find out that the $500million was Play Money!

    Let's face it, it going to take some time to find something "better" to replace what we've lost. It first takes accepting the fact that your ticket was fake. Only then, can you find that "something better".

    At our age (wife & I) after losing 50+ years to The (false) Troof, it's our children & grandchildren that we are working on making that "something better". We've accepted the fact that our place in life is pretty much set in stone. The only thing missing on the stone (tombstone) is the Date of Death, which can't be all that far off. No time for us to "start over".

    BUT......we can make a difference in the lives of our kids and especially our grandkids. We saw to it (thankfully) that our kids went to college and they have a great head start on getting more out of life than we did, or that we can at this point. They have careers vs. dead-end jobs. We've helped them pay off college loans. We've helped (some of) them buy homes. We've encouraged them to start investment accounts NOW! (If only I'd bought stock in WalMart 35 years ago!) We plan to see to it that our still very young grandkids have a head start in life. They won't be limited by the fables and false hopes of JW World. We will try to set them on the course to be doctors or scientists or anything they dream to be (vs. being satisfied with menial dead end jobs and pioneering) that will bring meaning in their lives and perhaps help many other lives.

    "Life has the meaning you give it."

    Go out and do it!

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