Where you are in your life now.....What would you have preferred .... To be left in ignorance ? ...Or to know the truth about the truth

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  • Lostwun
    Smiddy im still trying to figure out how I feel. Somedays I feel free as a bird. Other days I struggle with the emotional toll of dealing with the loss of everything I grew up with. do I miss the control WT had over my life? No. But I hate the breaking of family ties and division that it causes. As much as it hurts like hell I for once in my life have to be true to myself and not follow blindly after imperfect men.
  • wisdomfrombelow
    I prefer to know the reality rather than a fanciful lie. I wish I had known it earlier but I never regret finding it out.
  • John Aquila
    John Aquila

    Lets see, I don’t have to get freaking ready every single week and rush to get to a meeting so you can be in time to join in singing some stupid song. (I always hated the WT songs)

    Instead, I stay home and listen to Marven Gaye or Chris Botti songs.

    I don’t have to listen to stupid presentations for 30 minutes on how to place publications. (Isn’t that called a sales meeting?)

    Now I sit back at home with a hot or cold drink and watch the new fall, spring, or summer TV shows.

    I don’t have to prepare for some stupid 5 minute talk for the Theocratic school

    Now I practice the Guitar.

    I don’t have to get up early on Saturday to work laundry mats and then meet at the hall to arrange field service and then go door to door and wake up people and get them mad.

    Instead, I walk or jog in the park, go out for breakfast, work on my lawn, watch a movie, and if I meet some nice, beautiful girl and she’s willing, I will spend a nice evening with her.

    I don’t have to get up early every freaking Sunday morning to go to the kingdom hall and listen to the worst speakers in the world give the same old talks about the end of the world, don’t date worldly persons, and don’t go to study at the University.

    I don’t have to prepare for hours studying the Watchtower magazine so I can give ONE prepared-forced-comment from the Watchtower about “Listening and Obeying the Faithful Slave”

    Instead, I stay in bed as long as I want, putter around for a while, go out and have breakfast, and the rest of the day is all mine, for whatever I want

    I don’t have to save my money for some stupid trip that starts on Thursday and ends on Sunday evening. Spend the whole trip on a 3 day convention, sitting uncomfortably for 8 hours in a suit and tie.

    Instead I can go to a 3 or 4 day trip to Hawaii and enjoy the beach.

    And I don’t have to waste several weekends during the year for special day assemblies or volunteer my spare time to enrich the WT Corporation which will give me nothing back in return.

    Instead the weekends are all mine.

    I don’t have to be an elder and chase down people at night or at their job to see if they touched someone’s breasts or saw a rated R movie. And I don’t have to sit in on a judicial meeting and judge some poor 14 years old girl who got baptized at 8 years of age and now has to face 3 old men asking her questions on how the boy at school touched her and if she liked it.

    And I don’t have to put up with some ignorant, no experience in life C.O. who thinks he is the smartest man on earth and has been given power by the GB to do whatever he wants with the Jdubs.

    Now I laugh at what C.O.’s really are. Glorified imbecilics.

    Would I have preferred to stay ignorant?

    A better question is, “Why the hell didn’t I wake up earlier??

  • _Morpheus
    Im ignorant enough as it is. I would NEVER choose willful ignorance. Any who would choose the blue pill get what they deserve.
  • Saintbertholdt
    Any who would choose the blue pill get what they deserve.

    I dunno man, my JW girlfriend was pretty hot...

    I know this steak doesn't exist. I know that when I put it in my mouth, the Matrix is telling my brain that it is juicy and delicious. After nine years, you know what I realize? Ignorance is bliss....I don't want to remember nothing. Nothing. You understand? [pause] And I want to be rich. You know, someone important, like an actor.

  • Doubting Bro
    Doubting Bro
    Although it's caused some problems, I would always choose reality over fantasy. I'm glad I know the TTATT and work on making sure the cycle stops with my generation (a real generation as opposed to the WTS version).
  • Vidiot

    Scully - "What would you have preferred... to be left in ignorance?"

    Jeezus, no.

    My kids' safety is too important to me.

  • flipper

    SMIDDY- Great thread topic. Well - I'm almost 56 years old and exited the JW organization 12 years ago in 2003. I was born into the JW organization as my parents were in the cult 8 years before I was born. So like my 30 year old son who exited about 13 years ago at 17- I had to make my own decision to bolt from the organization at age 44.

    I'm VERY glad I discovered TTATT because I cannot live a lie. I will not tolerate or support a criminal organization that throws it's children and other members under the bus unjustly . My life has been much happier outside of the JW organization pursuing my business, living life with a wonderful companion, my wife, enjoying the pursuit of playing music, writing songs , and having more freedom to pursue these interests and the TIME to do it as well.

    Being self employed now for 32 years - I've always been pretty independent and self sufficient. I don't depend on JW relatives for anything and although I may get an inheritance from my JW dad and mom- it wouldn't surprise me in the least if they ( my older JW dad and brother ) tried to shaft me out of a good portion of that inheritance. Time will tell. I'm not going to lose sleep over it or sacrifice my freedom of mind to capitulate to the WT Society's wishes or negotiate my freedom with my older JW family.

    As regards family relationships - I have a great relationship with my older JW mom and my nieces and nephews ( about 4 of them ) - children of my older JW siblings - whom I have a really great relationship with . I'm proud of the younger generation coming up behind me as more of my family in THAT age group ( 25 to 40 are exiting the cult. When the " old guard " dies off in my parents generation and my older JW siblings in their late 60's - the younger generation of non-JW's will then be in the majority and I'm sure I'll see a change in the wind in thawing out of family relationships once the cult members die. I have positive hope for the future. Perhaps one day my two adult JW daughters aged 28 and 27 will exit the Witnesses as well. I'll be here for them if and when they do

  • Ucantnome

    i dont think it was a choice of remaining ignorant or not. it was whether or not i could subscribe to the belief. i couldn't. no one showed me.

    it wasn't whether i was right or wrong it was just that i couldn't be a JW and preach the 'good news'

    i was financially better off before i left. I don't consider myself better or worse. I think they are mistaken in their theology, which i think is unfortunate.

  • _Morpheus
    Lol love the matrix reference;) The truth though is that i married my hot jw girlfriend... The steak taste dosent last. The cult stink overpowers it very quickly. Give me the red pill and the tasty wheat all day

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