An elder with only one testicle

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  • stillin

    The official stance on vasectomies, as I understand it, is that it demonstrates disregard for the procreative ability that Jehovah gave men. They didn't say don't do it. They said if you must, don't broadcast it in the congregation.

    Basically, don't ask, don't tell.

  • zeb

    after our last child was born many years ago I had the procedure as I figured my wife had carried the contraception 'burden' for some years so I figured it was my turn thus freeing her body from (necessary) chemical interference.

    Sadly she told me not to expect any more sex because of this new freedom.

  • ShirleyW
    Flipper - Most elders I knew didn't have any testicles. They never had the balls to do the courageous right thing

    That just about sums it up

  • smiddy3

    I knew a few sisters over the years that stood up to the Elders in their respective congregations over personal issues .

    I guess they had balls that the Elders didn`t.

    { Well if women can have beards in heaven I can`t see why they can`t have balls on earth }

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    Going back to my first a born in...after our 3rd kid I offered to have a vasectomy..but she wouldn't even discuss it. As far as she was concerned..birth control was my responsibility..and she was quite content with withdrawal. But no vasectomy.? In case she decided to have more kids. Isn't 3 enough ?

    This was the woman who divorced me soon after...and now shuns our oldest disfellowshipped son and has never seen her grandchild. Some women are ideal watchtower material.

  • notsurewheretogo

    Having "the snip" is "frowned upon" because if it becomes public knowledge that a brother has the snip, altering his organs Jehoover gave him in way that he cannot procreate then he is deemed not to be in good standing showing good "mental health" thus cannot be appointed in any fashion.

    Of course when I was in I knew loads of elders who had the snip yet just never disclosed it publically.

  • sparky1

    Yes, notsurewheretogo, you are correct. The 'questions from readers' in the 6/15/1999 WATCHTOWER discusses this very thing. My understanding is that if you had a vasectomy pre-1999 you can qualify as an Elder or Ministerial Servant. Post 1999 you would no longer qualify. More 'man made' WATCHTOWER rules and regulations. Which 'begs the question' for me. How many men 'serving' on the Governing Body or as Circuit Overseers or Bethelites or Elders have had the procedure done pre- 1999 but now won't allow others the same personal choice?

  • punkofnice

    Hitler he only had one ball, the other was in the Albert hall. His mother, the dirty the song goes....

    Leviticus 21:20 commands that no man present the bread at the temple with damaged testicles..

    It doesn't matter. The bible isn't valid other than an hilarious collection of silly fairy tales. God doesn't exist. Religion is a scam or at best a delusion. The JWs are nothing more than a cult.

    No goolies were harmed in the making of this cultish delusion.

  • Dunedain

    I wonder if the scripture was actually referring to eunuchs not being able to present bread at the table, instead of guys with actual deformities of their testicles. Maybe it was something about that, and that eunuchs couldn't have privileges, idk. Its just a guess on my part, could be wrong though.

    I do know that eunuchs were a big thing back then. More so than today, I think. They would sometimes be in charge of different households, as a "prevention" against them impregnating the woman of the household, lol.

    Maybe more and more numbers of Israelites were becoming eunuchs and they had to institute certain restrictions, like this one? Just a guess.

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