JW.org is a real estate and publishing company disguesd as a religion.

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  • ShirleyW
    um, in the daytime hours I do believe it's a well known fact if it's a clear day the sky is blue, only a JW would mention sunrise or sunset . . .
    Shirley ohhh you meant in the daytime? I live in Barrow, Alaska now and the sun doesn't come out for more than 3 months. So my sky is black right now...
  • pontoon

    A real estate and MEDIA corporation

  • Finkelstein

    They are simply a real estate development corporation.

    But the core operation is a publishing company that created its own commercially inspired doctrines and then used them to lure in people exploiting their ignorance and gullibility.

    A binding socialization was created identified its members as JWS, the rest is history.

    You could say the Watchtower Corporation is a commercialized corrupt false prophet that exploited the basic belief in the bible to serve its publishing agendas.

  • LV101

    Uncon - do you think there are lots of others just playin the game?

    I'd think many are there because they have to be. I realize many are there because of their JW fantasies they can't give up and the fear death has over them - many reasons.

  • freddo

    LV said "Uncon - do you think there are lots of others just playin the game?"

    I don't know about "lots" but in my hall there I think the broad brush proportions in varying degrees are:

    A) Full on believers - active not letting doubts get through. 40%

    B) Believers that "struggle" to believe - shown by lethargy, ME type symptoms, mental illness etc. 40%

    C) Those that know the gig is up but go through the motions. 5-10%

    D) Memorial "surfacers" (who maybe a subset of B or C) only 10-15%

  • Ruby456

    Unconditional it seems to me that your time as a parrot is fast coming to an end. I do believe the sky, whether it is blue black or hot pink, is going to fall down on your head!!!!!!


    Lv I know there are personally! I'd go as far to say it's 50/50 at this point. 50 precent are all in and 50 precent are mentally out but stuck. At this point you would have to be old, senile, mentally ill or uneducated to be all in and completely believe in it 100%. Most have to play the game and keep their doubts to themselves and mouth shut if they want to stay on the board. Some just do it as a social thing no effort really shown. Just make a couple meetings, do street work for an hour and give a comment. The people at the hall look like their attending an AA meeting. Defeated, Depressed and Desperate! I really feel for them.

    Freddo your breakdown is dead on.

    Ruby456 your comment just went over my head and everyone else's like a shooting star in a beautiful night sky. Next...


    This should be placed on the front door of all kingdumb halls...


    I took these photos at my last meeting in the kingdumb hall...

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