Have any JWs ever been on this site for a serious religious debate?

by amiable 32 Replies latest jw friends

  • Joyzabel


    jst2laws was an elder for over 30 years, exbethelite, was being used for CA and DA parts, on appeal committees etc, and he came here for "debates". Ask Farkel, he remembers him back then!

    BTW, welcome to the board and enjoy the ride.


  • StinkyPantz


    Thanks, but I fear that Mohlie won't respond. I know that when I was still a JW, I never really had an answer for the false prophecy information. Ultimately, it's what changed my mind.

  • Mutz

    You can have a debate......but only on the current beliefs. None of that messy old light stuff. When was the last change in the 'light' by the way? I can't recall if it was last week or the week before. :)

  • jgnat

    If Molhie is agreeable, I will set aside my question in favour of Stinky Pantz for now. We can do my question later. No reason to totally overwhelm the guy.

    I think the JWs should look for a serious champion, like a David to meet Goliath, or a Goliath to meet David.

    Highly unlikely. A serious JW would not risk apostacy by openly debating WT doctrine on the internet.

  • StinkyPantz


    Thanks, but technically you asked your question first, so I would gladly let you debate first. Either way I have a feeling that Mohlie won't answer either of our questions, I doubt he's even a JW. What active JW makes comments like this?:

    i have been having these thoughts about sister mary....and harriott...in fact all the sisters, but it is not my fault i have been stumbled by the inappropiate dress these sisters are wearing....i even sometimes have a feeling in my trousers..i dont know what... i will deaden my evil thoughts... i will beg forgiveness from jesus....ooooops sorry jehovah..
    I believe he is pulling our leg(s). . . .
  • dedalus

    Molhie isn't a Witness. He's a goofball pretending to be a Witness. Personally, I miss Fredhall for the kind of games Molhie's lamely attempting to play. Whatever happened to Fredhall, anyway? Must've crossed a line or something ... ?


  • hillary_step

    I think that the most serious WTS apologist that we have seen on this board has been 'You Know'. The problem is after a while it became quite clear that he was an even bigger apostate than many of us.


  • Satanus

    Why don't you guys start a new thread for this debate? make it a proper debate, with a title and all.


  • jgnat

    No, really, Stinky Pantz, you first. Molhie responded to your question first, me as an afterthought. LOL. I feel a little bit like Dale or Chip from Chip and Dale.

    Hillary_Step, I agree with you. You Know was definitely apostate by definition. And, by definition, I am not.

  • amiable


    Thanks for the welcome, btw.

    jst2laws was an elder for over 30 years, exbethelite, was being used for CA and DA parts, on appeal committees etc, and he came here for "debates". Ask Farkel, he remembers him back then!

    That's the kind of thing I would've liked to see. But how do you know that's really who jst2laws was? Not asking for names or anything, but does anyone here claim to have known him personally? Does Farkel remember debating him here or remember him as a JW? I'll look up some of their old posts.

    I agree with others that Molhie is no JW, and if he is, he's not really serious about it.

    Maybe it would happen if a debate was advertised on this forum for a month, and ex-JWs on here agreed on a spokesperson, and more JWs had time to learn about it. Perhaps an audience could be drummed up for it, flyers printed , the owner of the site could run ads for it up where those books are advertised. Can a thread have only two people allowed to post? Yet everyone else can still see it?


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