attention apostasy sucks.

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  • Crazy151drinker

    Dont worry GGIN, I still love you, even if your ugly.

  • Gopher

    Are you trolling?

    If you don't like this site, you are free to stop polluting it with your insults. You don't need to talk down to us. We know that people only leave the JW's when they are ready.

    This site helps people who are on their way out and need someone who's been "through the ringer" already. Many people tell how this site was a lifesaver for them, because they felt they were all alone in their despair after leaving or being pushed out from the Watchtower pseudo-religion.

    If the last paragraph makes no sense to you, then you don't have a heart. If you don't like it here, then goodbye!


    Crazy: Ugly??? i will have you know i have the most lovely soft skin and my golden locks are the envy of my congregation... i have just been appointed chief microphone attendant and the sisters drool when i breeze up and down the aisles.

  • Brummie
    attention apostasy sucks.

    The key word here is "attention" cus thats what your seeking isnt it!

    Apostasy does suck, it sucks the authenticity right out of the watchtower by exposing its pathetic attempt to be Gods mouthpiece. 100% history of prophetic failure lol. "apostacy sucks" doesnt sound so bad when compared to how the WTower history sucks now does it? Thanks for the compliment.

    The first hint a someone defending and apparently being a jw and the 3 camps come out

    3 camps? Consider yourself honoured that you even got a response. BTW I guess I was a 4th camp since i didnt fit into any of the 3 you mentioned. I merely pointed out that i thought YOU were the evil one for defending a paedophile protection ring.

    In short no matter what you say to a jw visiting this site defending the watchtower it will have no affect, if they want to leave then they will in their own time and at a time when they can see the truth themselves

    In short, real problem with your post is that you assume that we are all out to get JWS out of the Watchtower...well how dumb is that? Do you really think some of us give a flying? Most of us are concerned for our family & friends who are a victim of this cult, just as we would be if they were victims of another cult, dont think the Watchtower is something special, it isnt, its the same as any other family destroying cult.

    I dont spend one minute attempting to get JWs out or trying to say a thing that pleases them, I only help those who are wanting to leave and have expressed a desire to get free from the slavery of the cults, DONT assume everyone here is trying to get JWS out of the watchtower and therefore we should all watch what we are saying and act according to how a JW wants us to act, WHY SHOULD WE? Why do you expect us to?

    I personally have accepted the fact that some of my family are quite happy to be in slavery and therefore I have to leave them there. I make no attempt to destroy their faith either, it is already self destructive.

    I'd suggest you get over trying to be the savior of JWS or trying to teach us how to be their savior, you cant save drowning people who are struggling to save themselves, you will only drown with them.



    Gopher: i am not insulting anybody...i am just pointing out the of most on this board to a visiting jw

  • NeonMadman
    None of these 3 groups that respond will have any affect on a jw visiting this site out of curiosity or reaching out for help, in fact it may double their resolve that they have the truth.

    Funny statement, given the scores of posters here who did come out of the Watchtower cult as a direct result of learning the truth about it here. The proof is in the pudding.

    The jw is expecting an attack on the org for that is what they are taught that apostates do, and to the jw the watchtower is jehovahs mouthpiece on earth so by attacking this with the first hit you are attacking god.

    You could make the same statement about followers of Charles Manson, Jim Jones and David Koresh. Their followers were all taught that they would be attacked by their enemies, and each of those men was regarded as God's mouthpiece on earth by his followers. So you have just lent credence to the idea that the JW's are a false cult, because they utilize the same methods as other dangerous cults.

    for as many scriptures that you can use to show ur point of view the jw is trained and can hit you back with just as many to support the watchtower, the result stalemate.

    Stalemate, at least, until the scriptures in question are read in context. Perhaps you could point out where in Proverbs chapter 4 it says anything about information being disseminated by an organization? That's just one of the hundreds of scripture texts that are misused by the Watchtower.

    In short no matter what you say to a jw visiting this site defending the watchtower it will have no affect, if they want to leave then they will in their own time and at a time when they can see the truth themselves.

    Well, it's true that they need to be able to open their mind to the real truth about the organization. The WT leaders realize this - that's why they work so hard to discourage "independent thinking" among the flock.

    "By his mouth the one who is an apostate brings his fellowman to ruin".

    Well, that would certainly apply to Charles Taze Russell, who became apostate from the Adventists, and to Judge Rutherford, who apostatized from Russell's teachings, and to the later Watchtower leaders who behaved in an apostate manner by joining up with the UN, contrary to their own doctrines. They have brought many of their fellow men who follow their teachings and pronouncements to ruin, and they continue to do so.

  • Brummie

    MOLHI you are hilarious

    i have just been appointed chief microphone attendant and the sisters drool

    I dont want to burst your bubble but the sisters drool after any brother, after all there are about 100 sisters to every one brother. Desperation huh. drooling after you probably shows how easily pleased some of them are.

    I'm just kiddin ya, stick around, your a laugh


  • onacruse

    Hi Molhie-Nigg:

    if they want to leave then they will in their own time and at a time when they can see the truth themselves.

    Exactly. The truth hurts most deeply, is most difficult to accept, when it challenges what you always thought was the truth.



    Brummie: I have a real problem with you, twist twist twist i was not ever defending the watchtower i was simply stating that by attacking the wt you are attacking individual members (their opinion) and calling them evil is not the way to reach those trapped inside.

    If you dont give a flying dont bother responding to posting from jws why be negative toward them when if you really dont care, let others who do care respond since you are unable to construct anything of value.

  • Simon

    You forgot the fourth group ... forum admins who delete trolls.

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