This board like a headache

by Bhagavad 37 Replies latest jw friends

  • Bhagavad

    This board has become very painful. I've given it many chances. So many posters do not know what the apostrophe is for or is not for. Native speakers of English from US, UK, etc, still making the same grammar and punctuation errors I remember getting corrected by my teachers back in 1950. Make an assertion listing Google search keywords you've used and posters ask what right have you to make your assertion (perhaps by researching keywords, moron?). Posters say the ball is in your court because they're too dysfunctional to do their own research. This forum seems to be for so many just an alternative to turning on the TV. No wonder the "free" world is in such deep shit. So many do not know how to spell or even use a spell check. Try to edit your post and that function isn't working yet. Some dude even spelled Malawi as "Malowie!" No excuses. Gimme a break. It's like still going to KH meetings with all the stupid ones. People still do not read or study. Too much TV and beer? No longer being a JW implies making improvements not made while a JW, or why not just forget it?

    You'll be wasting your time by replying to this. The only time I'll be back to look at it is immediately, just to see if I've been proscripted (look in the dictionary) for saying "moron" and "shit."

  • Angharad

    Actually the edit function does work !

    Click on the title immediately above your post and one of you actions will be edit.

  • Stan Conroy
    Stan Conroy

    This board IS like a headache.

  • BadJerry

    the dude sounds a little anal retentive.


  • LB

    Stan thank you for correcting his horrible grammer in the title.

  • rocketman

    Bhagavad (looks like Bagdad),

    I ain't got no prob wit dit board. You dink we all dumb? Maybe we wanna just git wit da women here. Maybe we ain't got no pride. Maybe we ain't got no grammar. Maybe u r anal retentive, like Bad Jerry say.

  • myself

    Take 2 asprin.

    Next remember that these dear people are speaking from their hearts. There is a lot of passion in what they are telling.The fingers aren't as quick as the mind. I would hope that you would have the wit to decipher and see the message.

    Finally, worry about correcting your own posts.

  • Shutterbug

    The purpose of the written word is to communicate. Rocketman's spelling was purposely horrible, but I immediately knew exactly what he was trying to convey. Perhaps the poster was trying to teach us proper grammer, but this isn't a High School English class, thank God for small favors. I think his real goal was to show us his superior knowledge.


  • freedom96


    Are you serious? You really took the time to complain about spelling on this board?

  • FlowerPower

    Get over youself Bhagavah, This place is for questions and answers, everything and anything. There will be no grammar tests going on here. I think you have totally missed the point. The judgemant is over there is no need to judge every one anymore. We are all "good enough" now that we are out!

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