This board like a headache

by Bhagavad 37 Replies latest jw friends

  • Gopher

    If you BANG your ahead against a WALL, of course you're going to get a headache!!

    Bhagavad, if you quit torturing yourself over nits, then your headache may just disappear. You may even smile or laugh out loud at some of the things that come across this forum.

    And I'll take this forum over TV -- any day. What, I'm supposed to go watch "Fear Factor" for a warped version of reality?? I'll take the "reality" of this discussion board, thank you very much.

    -- JEFF

  • jgnat

    There is a lot to be said about asking nicely. The use of "Discrete" and "Discreet" was driving me nuts, but I didn't stoop to calling everybody else dummies when I brought it up. By the way, missing apostrophes may be a formatting error. They all disappear when I copy from Microsoft Word. I try and catch them all, but sometimes a few slip through.

    If you want to leave, leave. You don't have to slam the door on your way out.

  • Kenneson

    Could it be pedantry?

  • Deleted

    I think it is more persnickety than pedantic. But maybe I am being too pedantic. My favo(u)rite suggestion for a headache of this sort is to smoke a J, chill a little and enjoy whatever life you have left.

  • neyank

    If that's all he/she has to complain about he's doing good. neyank

  • Brummie
    This board like a headache



  • SheilaM

    And I thought I was anal retentive LOLWhew, ya would have thought if it bugged you so much, you would have been very careful to make your post perfect ahhh but when you have your head stuck up your a** it's hard to be grammatically correct now isn't it LOL

  • El Kabong
    El Kabong

    From Bwaaahaaahaaa

  • COMF
    No wonder the "free" world is in such deep shit. So many do not know how to spell or even use a spell check.

    Yes, if only everyone used proper syntax and spelling, crime would grind to a standstill. The police would be out of a job.

  • PopeOfEruke

    I just hope the US Military don't use a spell checker and they get Baghdad mixed up with Bhagavad and drop a bomb on you!

    The Pope

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