Steven Unthank and his work.

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  • Solaris11

    My posts are for those people who have been asking this same question for a very long time, being "What evidence is there that Steven Unthank took Watchtower to court?" Many out there have wanted to know the answer for years, and I think it's a fair and reasonable question in light of the fact that no evidence has been published to verify the claims.

    Just for the record, I personally have never read that Steven Unthank was involved in "an official meeting of some sort". But I do know he publicly stated that he "took Watchtower to court".

    So for those who want to verify whether or not he took Watchtower to court then there is a simple and accurate method: Simply email the Victorian Magistrate's Court (Latrobe) in Australia and ask for the Court Judgement for Steven Unthank. This inexpensive procedure is outlined in my previous posts.

    I am simply showing people how to verify the facts and determine once and for all whether or not Steven did actually take Watchtower to court.

  • smiddy3

    This is my final word on this particular post ,i have been on this site with the name smiddy either 1,2 and now 3 for one reason or another for over 10 years now,And i have yet to be portrayed as a liar.

    Sorry dubstepped.I know you never implied that.

    And thank you DD for giving me the benefit of the doubt.

    I live in East gippsland and it was only a 2.5 hour journey to the latrobe valley morwell magistrates court where I witnessed Steven Unthank vs,the WT in one of the few sessions that took place over a period of time.

    In the session I attended both parties made there submissions and if I remember correctly the WT asked for an adjournment which was then set down for a later date.

  • Solaris11
    If what you're saying is true, then why haven't the court files ever been published/shared by Steven? Why is it when people ask for them they are either ignored or vilified for "daring to ask for evidence"? People shouldn't be shouted down for simply asking for evidence. That is exactly what the Watchtower did to us.

    The court files are public records available to those who attend the hearing and anyone who didn't attend can request them from the court registrar. The files are available so that anyone can verify for themselves that the court case occurred and what the final judgement was.

    So for those who want to verify whether or not Steven did actually take Watchtower to court then they can email the Victorian Magistrate's Court (Latrobe) in Australia and ask for the Court Judgement for Steven Unthank. This quick and inexpensive procedure is outlined in my previous posts.

    A motto exJWs should live by is - always check the facts and do independent research. That is all I am encouraging here.


    Why don’t you stop calling Smiddy a liar? Again, why do even care at this point?

    Are you saying that no exchange between Steve Unthank and the WT ever took place, or do simply wish to argue semantics over substance?

    At the end of the day, substance is all a truth seeker such as yourself should be concerned with.


  • Vidiot
    Data-Dog - "...Again, why do even care at this point?"

    Like every other naysayer who comes on here, he's either counting time, or has the crazy-ass idea that he can convince us all to repent and rejoin.

  • Solaris11

    So for those of you with critical thinking skills who want to know the truth as to whether or not Steven Unthank took Watchtower to court...

    ...all you need do is request the court document from the Magistrates Court which is a very simple, very inexpensive process explained in my post here

    If you listen to the podcast interview, S06E17 How the Faithful and Discreet Slave were killed, you learn that Steven Unthank makes the following claims:

    Timeline points:
    26:27 Louise (podcast host) mentions the exchange between Steven and Watchtower lawyer during court case. Steven confirms this happened.
    29:33 "During the hearing it was announced in a statement by Watchtower lawyer...the faithful and discreet slave class are a theological arrangement."
    30:45 Steven confirms that JWs present during the court hearing in the court room were shocked and gasped.
    31:52 Steven claims his court case caused the end of the Faith and Discreet Slave Class.
    34:26 - 35:15 Louise states Steven Unthank took Watchtower to court for criminal offences and Steven then confirms the court case happened by saying "That's correct".
    38:35 "Then I took them to court. They (Watchtower) presented arguments...."
    39:14 "So I took the Watchtower Society to court. I took the entire body of elders to court."

    So here's the point ... if the court document you receive states the court case was 'Discontinued' then you can be 100% certain that the above claims and the claimed exchange between Steven Unthank, the judge, the Watchtower solicitor, the JWs in the court room could never have happened.

    So many of you out there want to know the truth about this which is why I am taking the time to post this information. It's a very easy inexpensive process to find out the truth about this matter by following the procedure outlined in my post here.


    Omg... This guy is an apologist for sure. The fact that he can’t focus on one line of thought and have a discussion, but merely repeats himself over and over and OVER are a clear sign.


  • Solaris11

    :-) Accusing me of being a JW is a tactic cult apologists use - making false accusations as a distraction.

    The point is, anyone with critical thinking abilities is not going to be willing to accept the word of individuals online we've never met. Smiddy and co may be the most wonderful people in the world but their word isn't evidence if I don't know them.

    Steven has made huge claims pertaining to his court case and everyone who has used independent thinking and started asking incisive questions about the case is shouted down. That is exactly what the Watchtower did to us.

  • Listener

    Solaris, I've been here a number of years and interacted with Smiddy all that time. He is genuine and trustworthy. He's a straight shooter, a fair dinkum Aussie. He's not one to make up stories and I'm behind him.

    You've got every right not to trust him if you want.

    I don't like the way that years after the event you try and plant a seed that the events never occurred, hmmm, reminds me of something.

    Some of us were here on this forum (and others like Smiddy had first hand experience) as events unfolded.

    If you are sincere about your research then you should consider doing a thorough research on this forum to see a step by step progression of the whole events that took place in real time. In my books it would take a real genius or complete wacko to play this out if it was all fake.

    If you do that research, you'll also find that Steven Unthank was involved in a lot more than you probably have yet to hear of.

    You might also like to google Steven Unthank and the Victorian Royal Commission and child abuse, just as one little point of reference. I do believe that his work in this Commission, as well as Steven Unthanks long suffering work of trying to expose their reluctance in getting Working with Children clearance certificates for Elders, may have been a catalyst to sway the ARC to include the Jehovahs Witnesses in their investigations and that has proven to have a huge impact on the religion.

  • Diogenesister
    Solaris 11So for those who want to verify whether or not Steven did actually take Watchtower to court then they can email the Victorian Magistrate's Court (Latrobe) in Australia and ask for the Court Judgement for Steven Unthank. This quick and inexpensive procedure is outlined in my previous posts.

    Have you yourself done this? I take it you have or you wouldn't be so militant about it.

    Could you please scan and publish the results of your enquiry?.

    NB Smiddys character is not in question here. Smiddy is not a lawyer and the court case he attended may have been civil etc ie the details may be slightly different to those you are specifying. Your post is all about Mr Unthank not smiddy. Please back up your claim and post proof.

    NB are you still a believing Jehovahs Witness, out of interest?

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