"We dont mourn the dead"

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  • HereIgo

    I remember a brother making the above statement in regards to an elderly sister who had passed. He stated we don't mourn or even visit grave sites because we have a hope that Jah will resurrect the dead. It seemed really creepy at the time, hell, even Jesus wept when Lazarus died. Is there some unwritten rule that Jw's don't visit grave sites or what?

  • rebel8

    No but they are super creepy about death, like sociopath creepy.

    Think about those cold, uncaring recruitment sessions they call funerals.

    I remember being taught that being too sad when someone died meant you lacked faith.

  • JWdaughter

    This is interesting I find that I am still a little unemotional about death and that it was only the death of closer people to me that made me realize how I really didn't get it before and I still probably don't get it like a normal person and I really do a tribute that to being raised A J w. I used to consider myself pragmatic but now I think it's a little obnoxiously cold.


    "We dont mourn the dead"

    WBT$ / JW Funerals are Disgusting.

    The dead are nothing more than Props, for a WBT$ Info-mercial...


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    Lions With Beach Balls!

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  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    A funeral is viewed as a a recruitment session...

  • Toshibabadu

    You dont see alot of crying etc at JW funerals. I was at a JW funeral and someone cried out...all i heard was "who is that?" Whispers from all around and JW's looking shocked. Even when I started to cry I felt embarrassed.

  • eva luna
    eva luna

    Don't even get me started....

    A JW funeral is a farce. It's completely scripted . You don't even have a choice in music. Or no JW music. Let alone their info commercial talk.

    Not only is the loved one that has left barely spoke of , but grieving Family and Friends are not allowed to speak.

    Thank the thoughts of the Buddha , "a man stays alive as long as he is remembered"

    Oh and please just give me an Irish Wake party when I pass and scatter my ashes into the Monterey Bay while playing Stairway to Heaven...smile

  • Finkelstein

    hell, even Jesus wept when Lazarus died

    Yes but Jesus has nothing to do with the Jehovah's Witnesses.

  • Chook

    Of all funerals that I've ever attended JWs are the most unloving toward the deceased. They use this time of sadness to hijack the mourning process to promote their American realestate business.

  • lancelink

    Eight years ago when my Mom died, ( she was a witness for 25 years) hardly anyone blinked an eye to offer any condolences.

    seeing this really made me get the hell away from the lunatic asylum.

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