Where have all the spiritual men gone?

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  • John Aquila
    John Aquila

    There's a new Kingdom school for sisters who want to qualify for mic. handling.


  • The Marvster
    The Marvster

    My final congregation was a foreign language congregation. And I remember when this happened at the meeting... No one knew it was going to happen apart from the Elders obviously... what a shock... I could see ALL brothers with 'shocked' looks on their faces... it's funny because there were about 60 publishers in the congregation and enough brothers, but what I found was that there was always a struggle to get brothers to do mic duty...

    there was a schedule handed out and on the wall in the smaller back rooms where the notice board was, but brothers on sound had to constantly remind brothers it was their turn; there was great reluctance to do it... although I was shocked, and, not hiding the fact that the superiority over sisters indoctrination was deeply rooted in me, I also thought 'GOOD, that'll make them wake up',

    that particular culture is VERY male dominated and macho, wow, that must have really humiliated a lot of brothers... AND of course the 'news' went around the circuit, and into English congregations with a lot of grumbling about it, but it was probably a minor victory for the sisters.... and to top it off, the mic duty is so damn easy, the sisters proved this by doing it with their eyes shut... in other words, 'brothers you're not special'

  • The Marvster
    The Marvster
    And I must add that there was major hypocrisy there, because the reluctant brothers, who didn't want to run around, seemed 'indignant' that the sisters were asked to do mic duty and a couple of them actually had the 'guts' to volunteer... I expect those sisters received 'hate mail'
  • Dunedain
    I remember having the "privilege" of handling the mics at a VERY young age. I was like 9 or 10, no BS, but i had to wear a tie and jacket, which i did anyway. My case was not typical though, in the Elders minds, i was destined for "great" things, so they tried to start me early. Lol, boy did i disapoint them, lol.
  • Divergent
    A small congregation I visited which had a lack of brothers came up with a perfect solution. They had microphone holders strapped to selected seats and those who commented could simply reach for the microphones themselves or had the microphone passed to them by a person seated near it. Saved them the "embarrassment" of having sisters to pass the microphones around!
  • stuckinarut2

    Somehow, the job as 'mic handler' became another means of control, for only those that qualified.

    The term 'Spiritual Men' has nothing to do with spirituality but only describes those that will adhere unquestionably to whatever WT demands they need to do.

    Great comment! Very sad but true!

  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot
    It's been decades since I was in but does anyone who is still in know if the situation with more sisters than males has been worsening in the past several years?
  • possum

    I don't know current stats per/male female but sisters get no respect in that cult!!!!

    "You know, scientists say that the cranial capacity of a woman is 10% smaller than that of a man so now this shows that she's just not equipped for the role of headship. Her role is one of subjection to the man. Her role is that of submissiveness and that means that she should recognize that she is a woman and be glad to be a woman. Never want to be what you are not equipped to be. ... Sometimes we hear her say, "oh if-if-if-if I-I were a man I'd do this and I'd do that as if to be wishing to be something that she is not designed to be. Do you know what that borders on? That borders on homosexuality. And do you know what the Devil is doing nowadays? He's taking women who want to be men and makes men out of them. ..." The Value of Our Theocratic Sisters" Samuel Herd, Oakland CA 1971

  • Calebs Airplane
    Calebs Airplane

    Microphone privileges require a minimum of Monthly Field Circus hours as follows:

    Brothers: 1 hour per month minimum

    Sisters: 40 hours per month minimum

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