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  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    and how many dippers were kids ?

  • ttdtt

    There must be a good amount who when they hear "we are days away..." they either giggle or say "oh brother"

    Dont you think?

  • ttdtt
    Trump and Rocket man meeting and they could declare peace and security

    I'm sorry, were we at war with North Korea? Is that the conflict that has taken away peace from Asia, the Islamic World, Africa, South and Central America?

    What a F#cking crock.

  • Dagney
    20 something brother gave up his own business to pioneer after seeing bunker video

    They glorify this brother on the stage and happily take the $$ green handshakes behind the stage from the brothers that have the means to do so. They are really happy those guys still have jobs.

  • steve2

    Any young JW who gives up their business or career has no one to blame but themselves when, years later, it dawns on them their sacrifice was a total waste of time.

    The evidence of hardship and deprivation among older JWs is legendary. All these self-absorbed, public-paraded and starry-eyed young JWs need to do - if they truly cared - is to look around their local congregation and observe firsthand the older ones who are barely existing on the little money they have. These are the ones who, back in the day, gave up their businesses and careers.

  • Spiral

    Cringe worthy moment:

    Recently baptized 10 year old says sometimes he" doesn't feel worthy" when asked what challenges he faces.

    THAT is child abuse. I bet everyone clapped.

    The rest is just a do-over of the early 70s.

    You know, I am getting to the point when the JWs are around and they have problems, issues, etc., I just don't feel sorry any more. How can they not see what a joke this all is? Especially in a congregation with so many poor elderly ones with NOTHING, who gave everything up when they were young (and feeling unworthy).

  • asp59

    Yeah they gonna boost numbers for baptize by encouraging parents to baptize they kids. Plan in place.😋

  • Della Street
    Della Street

    Do they forget the scriptures say "no one knows the day or the hour"? Why are they so obsessed with figuring it out and hoping it is close?

  • Betheliesalot

    In 1986 I remember that there was a large group of clergy that met and prayed for peace and actually declared something like this is the year of peach and security and boy did the witnesses start the gossip then that the big A was so close...

  • DesirousOfChange

    1,400 in attendance and 5 dunked. What the hell? I remember when you could generally count on it being 1.5% of the total attendees being baptized. Can nobody else see the slowdown?

    Image result for head in the ass

    To the average JW, it all still looks the same.

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