After Death Communications in the JW community

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  • LostGeneration

    Most of us here are ex JW, so we aren't what you would consider a good sample of the JW population.

    That said, you will not find JWs that will admit to such things anyway. Their belief is that once a person dies, they are dead and have no ability to communicate with the living in any way. Many would believe that if such a communication occurred, it would be a demon posing as their loved one, and they would freak out about it.

  • OrphanCrow

    Jack, I think that this forum may not be the place to encounter people who have had experiences with "the other side". You are in a community of people who have had indoctrination that negates those kind of experiences that you describe.

    In the JW cult, "other side" experiences/communications are viewed as "communication from demons" or "demon activity".

    If somebody who is either still a JW, or is an exJW who has not deprogrammed, has an unexplained experience, the first thing they will do is pray to Jehovah to protect them from Satan.

    JWs believe that when a person dies, they have no agency - they are "sleeping".

    *Lostgeneration...I posted at the same time!

  • millie210


    Hi, nice to meet you!

    In addition to the comments above about Witness indoctrination, many, many people here are convinced there is no God of any sort.

    You see the problem? No God --> no afterlife---> no experiences.

    It is the rare person who believes in no spirit life whatsoever but believes in an after life for humans.

    Einstein had a theory, not developed, before his death that all time exists at the same time.

    One way it was explained is time being like a river. People are entering and exiting the river up and down it all the time. While you are on the river, you are only aware of yourself and those you come upon. Others who are days behind you or days ahead of you are on the same river at the exact time you are however.

    Now this theory, if one believes in God or spirits could help explain some foretelling the future and the past (divination/prophecy) and it could also explain attempts at communication I guess.

    The continuum in which time flows, is measured, and exists is relative to what is known at the time a person lives.

    Some people are satisfied with the world as it is known and explained in their lifetime. Others question and seek the parameters - it sounds like you are one of the latter perhaps?

  • KateWild

    Jack when you spoke to Estrella.....did she give you verifiable facts? Like copy of the book with the guys name in? Dates she knew him for? Evidence he was an employee there? Pictures with her and him?

    Or did you just blindly believe her with no evidence?

    Kate xx

  • freddo

    Hello Jack.

    I'm sorry to hear your daughter died at age 35. It must be so distressing to lose a child I don't know how folk cope but I guess they have to.

    I hope you find solace.

  • Mad Irishman
    Mad Irishman

    Sorry, but this is insulting to people with a brain or people who have lost someone.


    Look it up!

  • jack2312

    Freddo....thank you. I'm doing ok. She is close to me still


    To answer your questions no but I was satisfied with my face to face interview. And I didn't put a mirror up to her so I could see her reflection either which is the standard test for Vampire (but I'm sure you knew that already).

    Apparently I'm not explaining myself clearly. I had an experience. I am looking for others that might have had the same experience. I am not here to prove anything to you. You can take it or leave it. If there is someone that knows what I'm talking about because they have had a similar experience they want to share then....that's what I'm after.

    Thank you for your time here.

    PS What a ray of sunshine you are Mad Irishman.

  • jack2312

    Lost Generation, Orphan Crow, Millie210

    Thank you for your input. I never ever know where I'm going to get these stories. I do have to say that it's a conversation stopper. It's not like I can just walk up and ask anyone and every body. Although I have if I thought that the person was open to it. So here, on this forum, I'm just throwing it out there. Even a bad basket ball player get it in the hoop once and a while. might be right. I just want to find the truth. The path I'm on will get me there. It is very fulfilling.

    Crow and Lost

    The way I see it, although I understand your position/view, if it happens in front of you and shakes your world to the core....then maybe there's room for another interpretation. Speaking personally, my view has opened considerably.

    Thank you again for your help.

  • OrphanCrow
    Jack: Crow and Lost
    The way I see it, although I understand your position/view, if it happens in front of you and shakes your world to the core....then maybe there's room for another interpretation.

    I wasn't explaining "my" position, Jack. I was explaining the JW cult doctrine. Period.

    And, if "it" happens in front of a practising (or not) will not open up another interpretation other than demon activity. There is no wiggle room in the JW cult. There is no "maybe".

  • jack2312

    Orphan Crow

    Thank you...I understand. I was thinking that the worst I could get from posting on Forums was no.....we don't have stories. I understand that this is not your opinion and I'm grateful you filled me in on the JW way of thinking. Although, knowing what I know now, there is a lot of love that's being ignored.

    I really do mean thank you. I hope your path is fulfilling for you.

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