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  • jack2312
    HI. My name is Jack and I'm looking for After Death Communications from the Jehovah Witness Community. An After Death Communication (or ADC) is when a loved one sends a kind of message to this side of life after their death. It can be a dream or smell (like perfume or roses that would be attached to them in memory) or a feeling of their presence. Often when this occurs two people experience the same event.
    I first became of ADC's after my daughter died at the age of 35. That was three years ago and now I am writing a book about the experience. What I am looking for are similar experiences from a larger base. A kind of bigger picture. It turns out that EVERYONE has these experiences. What I mean is that all religions and all kinds of persons have it. I have very thoughtful stories from a Buddhist, an attempted murderer and an Atheist.
    As I said, I am looking for a bigger picture to write about. This is not about communicating with the dead (like a seance), Voodoo, Ouija Boards or some such other similar activity. This is about a loved one that sends a message from the other side to basically say I'm ok and I love you.
    Stories like these are every where but it's hard to get people to open up about them. It's a little like seeing Big Foot. A lot of people see him but don't want to talk about it because they fear they will be thought to be crazy. They are also very personal. I understand these things but none the less I'm still looking for stories.
    There also seems to be some hesitation when I ask for stories because you wonder what I'm going to do with it. As I said I'm trying to show the bigger picture here.
    I hope that some of you can help me. If you have a experience please post to me here. Thank you.
  • DesirousOfChange

    A lot of people see him but don't want to talk about it because they fear they will be thought to be crazy.

    Gotta agree with that.


  • Londo111

    If this happens, I doubt any would cite Ecclesiastes 9:5. :)

    I had one strange experience, but not anything I would like to share in a public forum.

  • KateWild

    I have never had any experiences with dead people. I am skeptical but interested in hearing others experiences as I would like some definitive proof of spirit beings or life after death

    Kate xx

  • Half banana
    Half banana
    Wrong community possibly? Try spiritualists.
  • jack2312

    Because Kate asked and after all.....maybe this will show you what I'm talking about. And Londo111 I'd like to hear your story. Lets figure out a way to communicate in a private manner that you would feel comfortable in.

    This story came to me after my daughter died. My daughter told me the story from a friend of hers who told her this story after she told her about my experience. I went to this woman to get the story face to face.

    Her friend is named Estrella and she is from Mexico. Educated there she obtained a job in San Diego working for an Attorney. I'm sure many of you have met a woman like Estrella. She's short and slim and not the kind of woman you want to get in an argument with. Feisty would be the one word definition that could be used. She is also the kind that does not believe anything unless she can see it...smell it...taste it and so forth.

    But I am leaving out something about the Attorney as well. He was a Buddhist Attorney.

    I know....I was amused at the oxymoron as well. The two worked together for many years and a tight bond formed. He was a very committed Buddhist and she a confirmed skeptic.

    I'm sure you have skipped ahead in the story and know that he died. He was diagnosed with cancer. The dead kind. I mean the kind when the doctor tells you that you have only a few months left. I'll let you fill in the blanks of how the next few months went for him. Upon his passing Estrella was despondent as you might imagine. Within two weeks after the death, she was a large book store (like a Barns and Noble).

    As she walked in there were the normal large tables filled with books. You know...there's the new books or the dogs they are trying to get rid of. Estrella passed these tables but as she did her hip grazed one corner. When this happened ONE book fell off and landed at her feet in front of her. And it landed in the open position.

    She looked down at her feet and screamed.

    The book fell open to a picture of him. It was the same guy alright. The book was a coffee table type book about Buddhism. When the picture was taken he was in Thailand at a ceremony for a kind of promotion within his faith. He was on a bridge symbolizing advancement from one level to the next. Complete with incense, candles and reverence.

    After regaining her composure she made arrangements to visit the Attorney's Elder Monk. In this situation it happened to be a woman priest. Sitting down at the Monk's desk Estrella explained the story as it happened. Upon completion there was a brief pause. And then the Monk broke out in laughter. The monk explained....basically...

    "He chose tell us....that he is ok."

    He chose the one that has to see it....taste it and smell it. The skeptic. After all, how many brand new books can you toss down and have them open to ANY page let alone a particular page! And stay there. In addition to that, think of the travel of the picture. From Thailand to publisher to book store to book store worker that placed the book on the table.

    I began thinking on this story. If there was a story about a Buddhist that communicated to this side perhaps there were more. More of a diverse crowd so to speak. I found a book entitled "Simple Miracles from Beyond". An outstanding read which deals with (but not limited to) Jewish stories. Many of the same kind that I told you about here with the Buddhist.

    I want to find other stories of the caliber of the Buddhist story I told here. I want them from different varied sources. I want to show, and I think I can, that we are all loved and accepted.

  • KateWild

    Jack.....have you met Estrella?

    Sounds a bit like Chinese whispers to me.....not something I would view as evidence.

    Plus how can I verify what you're saying?

    Still not convinced

    Kate xx

  • jack2312
    Yes...face to face and I asked detailed questions. And in this forum/venue I doubt I could convince anyone. I'm not trying to do that anyway. At this point I'm happy with opening to the possibility. And why would I make it up? Believe me...I'd have a hard time making up the stories I've already found. But it's up to you. It always is.
  • jack2312
    Here...on this forum...I'm just looking for stories. Those who know.....know what I'm talking about.
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