The bridge burning has begun.

by sparrowdown 72 Replies latest jw friends

  • kairos

    I'm glad you made the move toward personal freedom.

    You will forever wish you did it sooner. I know I do.

    People are leaving and it is for all the right reasons.

  • Freesoul
    I wish you luck in whatever happens, you never know how your sister will react in the future, my family still talk to me and they know how I feel, I have just made sure I dropped all my JW acquaintances and the only JW's I spoke with was my direct family, I don't believe my family wants to shun me, I faded and didn't give the JW's a reason to DF me.
  • sparrowdown
    Update: txt message from elder asking "how I'm doing?" Should I text back "how you doin?" ("Joey" from friends style)
  • dubstepped
    Nice. "How YOU doin?" Seems appropriate, as he's as much a friend of yours as anyone on the tv show.
  • sparrowdown

    I've decided to go with a total phone/email blackout. Let them jump through the hoops, if they want to see me they are going to have to try a bit harder than that. We shall see.

    Thanks again everyone for the words of encouragement, thoughts on the matter and personal experiences, your individual perspectives are appreciated muchly. xxxxxxxxxxoooooooooo

  • EdenOne

    Congratulations and brace yourself, sparrowdown ! The ride is about to start. Mrs. Eden is going through a somewhat similar moment with her fleshy sister and some other close sister friends in the congregation and she's making some smart moves but the pressure is asphixyating and she's really going angry against all those who are simultaneously attempting to control her life while also digging for some dirt or 'faux pas' that may incriminate her and thus take it to the Elders.

    That message from the Elder means they're already on your case. I would suggest that you ignore them and never accept a visit nor a phonecall from them. Any phonecall will be witnessed by a second elder and they will attempt to test your loyalty to the GB. Don't fall on that trap, if you intend to fade.


  • kairos

    One of the nut case elderz that tried to "encourage me" really went the extra mile.
    He sent me one text- "miss you, bro"


  • sparrowdown

    To me it has always seemed so arbitrary and capricious how they decide who to hunt down and who to ignore.

    I've seen some who were stalked and hounded until they either formally DA or were DF, and others the elders didn't chase no matter what the reports of sin and debauchery.

  • cultBgone
    Silence, in this case, is golden. They'll move on to someone else when you won't come out to play.
  • OrphanCrow

    "She had her freedom, and it was empty. The moment was not the highest of her life, but the lowest and most desolate, which was altogether excellent, for instead of slipping downward she began to climb."

    - Sinclair Lewis (Main Street, 1920)

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