The bridge burning has begun.

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  • sparrowdown

    Thanks island man for your insights the JW psyche is a gold mine of dysfunctional thinking that could keep a team of sociology and psyche students researching for years. Religious thugs is what they are!!

    wisdomfrombelow - The reason I rang her is because she lives in a different state a plane ride and four hours drive away. We already had a strained relationship due to her WT fervor and GB worship, like many JWs she is very passive aggressive and manipulative and believe me seeing her in person would have been absolutely traumatic to me. You cannot reason with a religious abuser or an indoctrinated person. As for the FU, I don't normally send them being the lady that I am but she needed to know where we stand in no uncertain terms and FU is so elegantly simple and effective. Thanks for your thoughts all opinions help.

    Thanks for the cyber hugs alive and back at ya.

    You and the Mrs' offer of support means a helluva lot to me Mr Flipper, expect me to take you up on a pm or two.

    Sabin - head towards the exit and get down low and go, go go! Exactly!

  • brandnew

    Dont forget some 🍸🍺🍻🍷🍹

    And then maybe a πŸ”

    And then some more 🍸🍺🍻🍷🍹


  • LisaRose

    I am somewhat estranged from my JW sister also. The irony is that we were estranged for many years when she disassociated and I was the holier-than-thou JW. We had a few great years when we had a normal sister relationship, then she went back to be able to see her grandkids, then started drinking the kool aid. She also has some medical/mental issues that are complicating everything, I never know if I will be talking to her genuine self or her JW-wackadoodle persona. I usually take the cowards way out and just don't call.

    I have really enjoyed your contributions here on JWN. You comments are always concise, to the point and very, very funny. Please feel free to PM me also.

  • millie210

    The little sparrow has soared with the eagles.

    Well played sparrow!

    Authenticity never lets us down.

  • clarity

    Sparrow flip the dust off your wings and fly high to a beautiful life.

    Just one day at a time ..... we can get through that & enjoy all those minutes. You would be surprised I think, to know how many jw's secretly wish they could get out just like you have. As this cult falls apart more & more we will be so glad we escaped early. Check out John Cedars latest ...... he has been informed of many more layoffs within the organization ....check out jwsurvey.

    Proud of you ....all the best ...........clarity

  • Lostwun

    Sparrow I commend you and your bravery to put it all out there and no longer be held captive. I pray one day I too will find the strength to be that brave. take good care of yourself sis and stay strong

  • Alive!

    " I no longer believe Jehovah's witnesses have the truth"

    Say that and these wonderful 'Christians' with the 'right heart condition' cut us dead.


    " The Jehovah's Witnesses fail ME and many truth seeking people to impress as having supernatural and divine monopoly as the only association one can have to be a follower of Christ due to false prophecy, demonic led utterances (the ancient prophets to be resurrected in 1925 to live in Beth Sarim mansion) and the utterly bizarre reasoning of the blood doctrine - and there is much much more.... "

    The loss of your belief is not your fault - it is the failure of the FDS/GB/ org to build trust.

    They are not looking for real truth seekers.

    Their bible says that finally, the greatest of the gifts would be love.

    Lack of respect for the individual conscience is NOT love.

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    Ok, so it may be the adrenaline talking, but I think many of us would like to believe that our loved ones won't respond like a rabid JW when or if we reveal our true selves to them, and it's very difficult to accept that our loved ones are indoctrinated.

    As I read this I couldn't help that some (I don't mean you sparrowdown, I mean me) would be disappointed if there wasn't the ensuing drama of relatives and friends who became rabid or they would feel hurt if the elders didn't hound them and try to take judicial action. Looking back on when I made my exit, I have to wonder if the part of me that claimed to want a clean break actually wanted to burn bridges and get back at "them" for all the unnecessary crap and wasted years they put me through for nothing. It would be anticlimactic to slip away quietly and let them off the hook, yet that's just what I did. We made a clean break in every sense of the word. After 30 years of regular attendance, the elders took 3 years before they came a-lookin'. We faded undramatically but instead of taking complete advantage of it, every time I had a chance, I let them have it with both barrels and undid a lot of the benefits I had from having faded. I guess sometimes we want it both ways.

    Just a thought.

  • Aprostate Exam
    Aprostate Exam

    I went all out like Sparrowdown. But I let it out at my regular pioneer mother, 8 years ago. I thought that she would for sure out me to everyone. I was going to drag my faded sisters with me since I knew they celebrated all sorts of sh*t. Ohhh, but my mom never bothered to out them because she worked for them. Recently she texted me that she loved us and now we speak again. To my surprise she never reported me, and My wife and I ended up fading comfortably. My mom leaves out all society, JW talk now. I got my family back. I hope you get yours back soon sparrow.

    It felt great for me at the beginning as well, but as time passed, I went through a death like grieving state. I then started forgetting my mother and father, and began getting closer to my wife's family. I also integrated myself in college classes. Get a guitar, piano, violin course at a college. Learn to paint, make new educated friends. All these things helped me. P.S. Make friends with a psychologist and take psychology courses.

  • freemindfade

    Tables turn

    Bridges burn

    You live

    And you learn

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