Elusive happiness teaches a hidden truth!

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  • iconoclastic

    Many seek happiness externally and many a time assign others the possession of their happiness. When they derive a sort of happiness from external sources, they don’t feel satisfied, hence jump to the next and then to the next …. In contrast, Jesus said God’s kingdom (or real happiness) is “within (entos)” you. This cannot be misinterpreted as ‘Jesus being the king of the Kingdom was amidst them’ as JWs do. Jesus used the same Greek word when he said: “You cleanse the outside of the cup and of the dish, but inside (entos) they are full of plunder.”

    When the disciples took Kingdom as outside, they lost all their peace; because they were scheming to become number one in that supposedly external kingdom—two of them even used their mother to influence Jesus to assign them cherished positions in the kingdom with one being as Jesus’ right hand and the other his left hand. And this took a worse turn when Jesus left the earthly scene with each one setting up his own kingdom—saying “I belong to Paul, but I belong to Apollos, but I to Cephas”—a never-ending journey that continues even today with over 41000 sects with each one claiming ‘we only are the true church’ (among whom JWs is just an insignificant sand).

    One can easily prove kingdom of God is within himself/herself. You will experience real happiness when you try to correct yourself (but unhappiness results when you try to correct others). You will experience real happiness when you compete with yourself (but unhappiness results when you try to compete with others). If you are moderate in your desires you are really happy, but when you want things more than what is called basic luxuries, you lose your happiness as it is ego that steps in (as it also incites envy in others which would bring problems one after the other). Enormous money and possessions do not ensure happiness. Look at the condition of the Gulf countries towards which money flows from other countries. Even their wealthy kings do not sleep in peace. Look at the increased number of psychiatrists in the world’s wealthy countries.

    Man’s life is a paradox. He is the eternal spirit within (which is the copy of the Supreme Spirit), which can be satisfied only with divine pleasures; yet bodily incarnate, he is familiar only with sensory experiences. True happiness unfolds from within when one is in harmony with truth—primarily in harmony with the truth about himself that he is an immaterial reality residing in the material body (as this helps him to choose wisely between the real soul pleasures and the illusory pleasures of the senses. When one thinks that he is this body, he limits himself to a particular body, and it is pitiably cabined, cribbed, and confined, and experiences highs (when body is healthy) and downs (when body is tired or begins to age) and also gets affected proportionately by the external changes.

    Thus elusive happiness experienced on the global scale is a reminder that one should return to his original nature that he is a spirit in this body, and seek spirit’s nature (which is giving, not about receiving). God, the Supreme Spirit, is the teacher, and He sends His message (free of cost) every day through his sun which gives us light and heat which means one should live as though he is an enlightenment and empowerment to others. In other words, sun is known for giving (not for receiving). Happiness unfolds in giving (rather than in receiving)

  • iconoclastic

    Due to power-failure signal, I had to stop abruptly. Hence here is an addendum:

    When I did my marine engineering, one of my professors was a visionary. He instilled in me the above line of reasoning. He used to say that in his native tongue, the word for good conduct is sadachar which is a combination of two words (sada = always + char = performing something with 100% involvement). Such action is naturally good and effective and one who performs action in this manner is always happy, he is in kingdom of God—something that Jesus too implied.

    He also said that the word for coconut is nariyal (from the root nar, man) which means both—man and coconut—have some things in common. Coconut has three eyes—two are useless and one real through which the sprouting happens. Similarly, man has two eyes which are in a sense useless as they are capable of seeing only the superficial, and has one inner eye of understanding that sees the eternal (essence) behind the ephemeral (details). One who sees himself as eternal spirit in material body, he will also see others as eternal spirits in material bodies—which would mean he would always see good in others and do good to others, and will never harm others and feel that no can harm him either. Also, coconut has a hard shell which symbolizes ego in man. When it receives a hard hit, the shell is broken—sweet water flows. So are with people—when they receive a hard hit, their ego is broken—after that sweet behaviour starts freely flowing. Thus egoless living means kingdom of God. This explains custom of breaking the coconut before house-warming ceremony which symbolizes the concept that “from now onward members of this family will live without ego bringing sweet behaviour.”

  • stuffwotifink
    One can easily prove kingdom of God is within himself/herself.
    Go right ahead...

  • doofdaddy
    Why are the Brahma Kumari's targeting this site?
  • Saintbertholdt
    Why are the Brahma Kumari's targeting this site?

    I wonder that myself. If I was in Brahma Kumaris I would target people on new age forums because they would eat up iconoclastics posts. Targeting ex-JW members is almost like Jehovah's Witnesses trying to target fundamentalist Muslims. True its an interesting challenge but it can't be too rewarding.

    My own response is thus: "So what you're trying to sell to me is that the 130 Year old bourbon whiskey which I had to give up because it was bad for my health, I now have to exchange for your one year old bathtub gin?".

  • iconoclastic
    Dear doofdaddy & Saintbertholdt, Be realistic, no one will dare to come here to recruit. Even if anyone does dare to come with that intent, he will never come again when he receives the kind of comments I receive. Hence I am sorry to say that you are behaving like a person who eats banana skin, throwing the banana into the trash-box.
    However see the wise attitude shown by Ruby456 some days before, on my post on DEATH IS NOT SOMETHING TO BE FEARED:

    “btw I am not a supporter of either Carl Sagan or iconoclastic. I just like reading about such debates and the different ideas they generate as most of this occupies a controversial arena which can enrich us.”

  • cofty

    Total utter 100% bullshit.

    Icon you are an apologist for one of the most ridiculous, mind-controlling, reality-denying, family-destroying, anti-scientific, money-grabbing, dehumanising cults.

    [email protected]& OFF!

  • truthseeker100
    I never heard of the Brahma Kumaris Cult prior to coming to this site. Icon is beating a dead horse if he thinks he's going to recruit here. He/She should be sharing his pearls of wisdom with active engaged JW's who have been conditioned, trained and are willing not to think.
  • Diogenesister
    I think the coconut anology is rarther beautiful. Personally I am an athiest. Who are Bramah Kumaris ?
  • LoveUniHateExams

    man and coconut—have some things in common. Coconut has three eyes—two are useless and one real through which the sprouting happens

    ... and man has, believe it or not, FOUR eyes. In addition to his two eyes in his head, there's also his brown eye and his Jap's eye

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