Major events that Bible did not foretell!

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  • iconoclastic
    Dear SecretSlaveClass

    Regarding Isaiah 49:15, you are free to use more appropriate term than the one I used. The point I wanted to highlight is that Bible writer obviously did not discern such a global situation where around 50 million mothers going for killing the lives growing in their wombs.

    It is not at random that I picked up this subject of abortion. My wife runs a Fertility Hospital where she is also serving as the MD. How happy and accomplished she and her staff feel when they finally succeed in helping a childless couple to have one, and they enjoy a success rate of 7 out of 10. Ironically, opposite to her hospital there is a clinic specialized for abortion. They have more business, and make enormous money too.

    Thus when I am caught up between ironies, I may sound strange in my wording, which I will try to decrease in the future.

  • jwfacts

    Yes the Bible only mentions things common in local area and were already common, such as famine and war.

    It fails completely to discuss the dangers happening in other parts of the world, such as cyclones and floods. Or future events such as nuclear or chemical warfare, terrorism, and global warming.

  • Diogenesister

    Iconoclast Since something like 6 out of 10 fertilized eggs are spontaneously aborted in the first 1 - 9 weeks, is not God the biggest baby murderer of all? Unless of course you consider a cluster of 2 to 64 odd cells just that - cells.

    On the otherhand millions of kids are killed by bacteria & viruses (made up of cells) each year - but of course you consider the life of a bunch of cells equivilent/as valuable as the life of a child, I forgot.

  • iconoclastic
    Dear jwfacts

    Good observation.

    When I finished studying with JWs, they told me to have a practice of reading the Bible daily. I did so, but had to stop at Jeremiah where he admits that much of the Bible is not inspired. (Jeremiah 7:22; 8:8)

  • iconoclastic

    “Something like 6 out of 10 fertilized eggs are spontaneously aborted in the first 1 - 9 weeks” will not come under the willful abortion, and God is not responsible for what happens here after rejecting His rule.

    You may have noticed that not all who are exposed to bacteria and viruses fall sick. People whose immunity is weak, and whose bodies are flooded with wastes and toxins provide fertile ground for bacteria and viruses to thrive, hence fall sick. Here too God is not responsible (because he have a perfect start, people chose to go in opposite direction.
  • Vidiot

    Major events that the Bible didn't foretell?


    How about it's own inevitable obsolescence?

  • cofty
    whose bodies are flooded with wastes and toxins provide fertile ground for bacteria and viruses to thrive, hence fall sick
    That is idiotic. Read a science book FFS.
  • steve2

    Oh dear, what a muddled Trojan Horse of an OP, smuggling in as it does a point of view that is knowingly contentious and is then hammered ad infinitum to the point of obscuring the alleged intent of the OP (i.e., things the Bible did not foretell).

    This is "our" equivalent of the JW Trojan Horse: Asking a householder for her/his views on a current topic, not listening when s/he dares to answer and then riding roughshod over her/him to promote the view.

    Nice one.

  • iconoclastic


    What I said is an observed phenomenon—in same circumstances not all fall sick, yet some do succumb. Recent example, some nurses who treated Ebola patients died of Ebola—yet many other nurses did not. When I observed the same in the shipping company I worked, I wanted to know more about this, and attended a Community Education Course conducted by BASTYAR UNIVERSITY, Washington. ( Interestingly, there were many physicians and scientists, along with me, attending the same. There is nothing wrong in going out of the conventional belief systems. It thrills me.

  • iconoclastic
    Dear Vidiot
    That is a wonderful concept you brought out--I never thought of that, and it is very true too.

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