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  • sir82
    Seems to me, the more they keep harping about money, and what they can & can't do because of money, and the need for more and more and more donations, the more people will think, "Well, where exactly does all that money go? I wonder what an audited financial statement would show?"
  • Phizzy
  • Vidiot
    I wonder if some of the poorer decisions were made because of susceptibility to the old "prosperity gospel" line of thinking...
  • OnTheWayOut

    There are many congregations even here in the United States that struggle to pay their bills and did not have a mortgage on their Kingdom Hall when the debts were dropped. You have JW's that feel they are giving their time and they don't give much of their money, which they don't have much of anyway.

    The money grab was huge, admittedly. But I wouldn't be surprised if the monthly payments plan is a bust. Say that two different people in a congregation that had a big mortgage feel some sense of relief that the debt is cancelled and stop struggling to donate their $100 a month and switch to $10 a month. That congregation now has $180 less per month to send in. Now add in a few dubs leaving the religion and a few dubs losing their jobs. This scenario is likely repeated across the country.

    Leave the United States and the story will be worse for them.

  • Phizzy

    On the other hand, if the GB/true leaders can engender a feeling that there should be an effort to give more, by making it look as though they have financial problems, stopping Construction works say, and laying off Bethel workers, then they may get 50% of Dubs giving an extra $ a week.

    That is over $4,000,000 extra a week to trouser.

  • whathappened
    The congregations I went to all my life were just barely able to scrape by We were often told that they needed $ to pay the bills. Keep in mind, these were all predominantly working class white, midwest publishers attending. I will bet a lot of Halls don't donate all that much.
  • Big Derp
    Big Derp

    1. Unreported mass exodus from Watchtower.

    2. Numbers of JW's is, and always has been over reported.

    3. Lawsuits.

    4. Massive over budget building projects.

    5. Maintenance of massive buildings.

    6. Poor judgement on investments.

    but this all doesn't matter because the end of this system is just around the corner.

  • Thursday

    Here's my conspiracy theorist hat on:

    Can't be a coinky-dink that the front page of their website is "How does God view War" right after recent events in France. And "Is religion dying out", knowing full well that activities like these being undertaken will result in a crackdown on extremist religions.

    Given the issues they've had with France ... smells like sneaky payback.



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