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  • DarioKehl

    According to the 2014 annual report:

    "Worldwide, there are 115,416 congregations of Jehovah’s Witnesses and 8,201,545 publishers."

    I don't understand how the bOrg is facing financial difficulty. With all the leaked info today, I'm confused about this 180 turn they're making.

    For starters, I used to be the accounts servant in my Congo back in the late 90s/early 2000s. After paying the monthly utilities, we would have anywhere from a $300 monthly deficit to a $1500 surplus (our funds on hand hovered around $3000-8000). Under this new policy, ALL surplus funds go directly to the bOrg now. I understand that globally, the amounts will vary and there's also currency exchange, etc, but let's say for the sake of argument that each Khall sends in $200/month (probably a low estimate). That's still almost $277 MILLION annually.

    Or, based on my observations collecting accounts, not everyone donated. Those who did would donate regularly by check each month. Those contributions varied fr $10-200. It would average out to be about $20 per publisher per month (that's probably a high estimate). If that average donation is extrapolated to the number of publishers globally, that's $1.9 BILLION. Annually. Not to mention the windfall they made earlier this year when they gobbled up the funds on hand from every congregation. Not to mention stocks and property left in wills.

    Either way you look at it, this organization is making a BUTT LOAD of money. Selling real estate in Brooklyn heights and assembly halls, smaller branches around the world in addition to moving everything to a web site (so the pubs can print with their own ink or use tablets), reducing page volume and frequency of magazines and axing 1600 bethelites (and removing the traveling DO's), I don't see how it's possible that they're in a financial mess. Even if every molested kid settled for financial damages, it's still a drop in the bucket if they're always taking this much money in.

    What I see is a hostile corporate takeover by a younger GB. It's glaringly obvious that they've hired a slick, expensive independant group to advise them on restructuring, PR, marketing and cost reduction.

    The Conti case was an initial judgment of $18 mil with the bOrg successfully reduced on appeal ( with bethel lawyers who work for nothing). They know that in most countries, they can't be sued for the "2 witness rule" or for not reporting molesters due to protected clergy status. The most they'll do is settle for a modest sum and put a gag order on it. I truly believe they don't see the child abuse lawsuits as anything to worry about. In fact, the recent corporate restructuring puts greater distance between the bOrg and congregations. Revised verbiage also puts a distance between congregations and individual publishers.

    What they've done in the meantime is liquidate, reduce expenses and drum up calls for more donations. May broadcast, this weeks wt article, the mortgage scam are all the average JW sees. The bethelites and eventually average dubs will hear the news of the bethel layoffs BEFORE they hear the info from the annual meeting. I believe this is 100% intentional. It will spook the average JW into thinking, "holy shit! we need to fork over even MORE $$$--they're obviously in trouble" when they're actually back stroking in cash like Scrooge MacDuck.

    If my hypothesis is correct, my question is why? WHY are they sucking up so much money an what on earth are they planning to do with it? Warwick cannot possibly be that much.

    If I'm way off, please enlighten me. If you're a bethel insider, PM me if you know what's really going on.

  • goingthruthemotions

    I have the same question....somebody or somebodies are bleeding the watchtower dry. i will put on my conspiracy hat...ok, it's on.

    the watchtower is run by a parent company, this company is in cognito. we don't know what they do, how they invest their money.

    maybe they invested in a bad hedge fund or a bad stock and with the market downturn they lost there arses.

    it has happened before to companies with alot more money.

    i day traded for a while and i will tell you is an addiction. like chasing the dragon. the GB are just front men or like i refer to them has G.O.D . they are bleeding money somewhere and we may never know.

  • DarioKehl

    I have heard that the governing body only leads the religious side of things--that the actual corporation(s) handle the finances and operations. I can't see Lett or Herd being capable of understanding the complexities of running a corporation.

    You're not the first person I've heard that conspiracy theory from an I think there may be something to it. The actual WT corporations of NY & Penn all have presidents & boardmembers that the average dub isn't even aware of.

    Obviously, the GB aren't living it up gangsta style. Sure, they have the nicest accommodations and get to travel, etc, but they personally don't get to spend the society's money. However, I've heard rumors that the chairmen of these corporate boards might actually indeed be personally profiting from it in some way. I'm dying to know if that's true & how that works.

  • berrygerry

    Something is going on - I doubt if we will ever truly know, unless the whole thing really did implode.

  • Sabin
    Dario, I completely agree with you. They are in the top 40 riches companies in the world. Their finances are just fine, the whole thing is a bluff. Look at what is going on over here then you wont see what`s happing over there. You cannot have that kind of money & not be corrupt somewhere. If you know that your brothers & sister`s are suffering in parts of the world then why in God`s name aren't you helping them, that`s my question. Their lying they have to be. Nothing adds up. What about the time that Rutherford had that big mansion built & holidayed there for 6 months of the year, or drove around in a Roll`s Royce in the 30`s when people were starving. Yeah sure they gotta be more careful today because the risk of exposure is greater, so that means so is the deceit greater. Your right aswell bout the child abuse, if you watch Jackson he couldn't have cared aless, not about the children nor bout the money. It`s as if he knows their untouchable. Of cause they will say it`s protection from JAH, but oh dear that is really dragging his name through the mud, I don't believe they care bout that either. It`s all about the power & control, & money makes the world go round, money speaks.
  • Heaven

    Child abuse lawsuits including redress from the ARC may be one reason.

    Zalkin said he had quite a number in the pipeline in the U.S. And isn't there U.K. cases or some kind of similar investigation like the ARC happening?

  • cognac

    I have two words for you:


  • DarioKehl

    They way they've restructured their corporations tho, isn't it possible that IF they get sued for a bunch of child abuse cover-ups that they could simply bankrupt a corporation they set up (just for that purpose) and get out of it all that way?

    I also agree there may have been a bad investment in the last 10 yrs or so. They were listed as attendees to a conference on hedge funds a few years ago. Could it be something that simple?

  • cognac
    Dario- I don't believe so, because (correct me if I'm wrong) but they are setup that there is one main company (the parent company) and all the other companies are attached to the parent. Therefore, one balance sheet.
  • cognac
    Dario- also, yes, I believe it is that simple. I think they really screwed themselves over with bad investments. Don't think the child abuse lawsuits would be causing this much damage.

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