Billions die because fruit was eaten. Please think about this.

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  • pleaseresearch

    Counties once at war with one another can forgive and move on. Even horrible murderers who killed the family members of someone can be forgiven for the act that they did.

    But God, no no no. No such thing can happen. It's absolutely pathetic really that we followed and accepted the story that a piece of fruit was taken and eaten. Nobody killed. If our worst nightmares come true and this in fact did happen hahaha.

  • stillin

    True! We all get executed for somebody else's crime. But, hey! I wouldn't have eaten that fruit if I had been there! Doesn't matter. Die, sucker.

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    i wonder if any dubs really believe all that adam and eve nonsense.

  • waton

    In folklore, the implication was, that seduction was involved. When we could show them from the bible, that procreation was a divine command, the reply about the "apple" often was, "arretez donc a chantez la pomme." stop talking about the nonsense of the apple.

    the public was not buying it, it was the symbol of ultimate made-up story, but

    for wt believers, it is a deadly serious joke.

  • Diogenesister

    They say it's not about fruit but really about sovereignty.

    But the snake only asked if it was true you would die if you ate ( drives me MAD the way duds are obsessed about the way the snake asked it - " *is it so*" etc etc - who bloody cares it means the same thing!!)

    And then snakey said your eyes will be opened, "like God knowing good and bad" ,but *angels* knew good from bad and it didn't challenge his sovereignty, apparently .....and we do know good from bad. Just HOW does that story challenge God's sovereignty...I don't get it!

  • nowwhat?

    Apparantly evidently it would seem gods original purpose for man was to be naive and naked. With the intellectual capacity of A 7year old

  • venus

    The story of Adam and Eve lacks signs of realism. It is unlikely that Adam and Eve would respond to such a lie the way they did. If they wanted to know whether they would die without eating from the tree, it is common sense that they should wait for sufficient time. For need of eating from that tree arises only when they are going to die. Hence no one would choose to eat from that tree before such a need arises. Waiting was safer option. While waiting, either of the two situations will arise—they will continue to live on and on (in this case, they don’t have to eat from that tree), or they will gradually sense that their body is moving towards death (in this case, they can try that particular tree to avert death). On the contrary, if they go ahead and eat from the tree, and thereafter find that they are going to die, what will they do? They have no other option left to try!

    This shows story is symbolic. Jesus says history has entered into Old World at some point, and in some point this Old World would be renewed and again it would be made into New World. (Mathew 19:28) This is the key to understand the account of Adam and Eve. Genesis 1:26-31 says God created mankind as two groups—male and female. And this New World continued for some time about which it is apprised as “was very good.”

    How this New World was turned into Old World is shown, in Genesis chapter 3, through Adam and Even who represent the mankind as a whole—Adam is collective man and Eve the collective woman. [In Hebrew Adam primarily means mankind.] Mankind as a whole turned their attention towards “fruit of the tree” or produce of the earth which means they turned into materialism which continues even now. Even religious people are materialistic because they take up various forms of worship to get material benefits [I want this, I want that …] from God which means worship is the means and materialism is the end.

    In all cultures you will find something like this story which would show behind the details the same essence—taking attachment from God and attaching themselves with His things. When mankind displays God’s qualities it is called paradise or New World, and when they turn materialistic it becomes Old World. Whenever mankind depletes/destroys the provisions for life’s enjoyment, God renews it.

  • Wild_Thing

    It's worse than North Korea's three generation rule.

  • berrygerry

    Choice given to Adam.

    Do not be independent - or I will kill you, but it's your "choice."

    Same "choice" in Deut. 30. Worship me or I will kill you. But it's your "choice."

  • Jayk

    "Father can you hear me?
    How have I let you down?
    I curse the day that I was born
    And all the sorrow in this world"-bad religion

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