Billions die because fruit was eaten. Please think about this.

by pleaseresearch 21 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • Finkelstein

    The ancients had to live and endure through the ignorance of the actual world in which they lived , therefore mythological stories were told out of that ignorance, even to create power and relevance to their many select god(s)

  • flipper

    I mean really, common sense should tell us that snakes never talk ( except for the one in the white house ) but I digress. And common sense tells us that if there was an " Adam & Eve " they wouldn't have just spoken with a snake like it's a normal everyday occurrence. Unless of course " Adam & Eve " were off their rockers mentally. Which may have in fact been the case. Perhaps they were mentally off.

    As well as all the other crazy " stories " written in the Bible that don't make any common sense at all. I mean- Jonah getting spit out of a whales stomach and surviving to tell the tale. Come on, he would have suffocated in minutes inside that whale.

    All of these Bible " stories " were just printed up by men to control other humans minds. It's all BS

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